Who is La La Anthony’s Dating 2023 Family & More Information

Who is La La Anthony’s Dating: La La Anthony, a New York native born on June 25, 1982, was reared in Brooklyn. The television personality, who discovered her love of entertainment during her adolescent years, has long since proven to radio listeners and television viewers what she is made of. Anthony first achieved fame as a radio D.J. when she was 15 years old.

She subsequently pursued acting, television hosting, her own reality show, novels, and a career in the fashion industry. She married NBA player Carmelo Anthony in 2010 and divorced him in 2021; together, they had a kid. Here, we honour the birthday of the talented star.

La La’s career start

Early in the new millennium, La La began her acting career with a prominent part in the MTV series “TRL.” She later went on to star in a number of movies, including “Think Such a Man” and “Baggage Claim,” as well as television programmes, like “Power” and “The Chi.” La La has a devoted following of fans thanks to her acting prowess and adaptability.

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Who is La La Anthony’s Dating 2023

La La is a successful television host in addition to her acting career. She hosted the VH1 programme “La La’s Full Court Wedding,” which followed her relationship with NBA player Carmelo Anthony and their marriage. The “La La’s Full Court Life” VH1 series, which followed La La Anthony’s life as a wife and mother, was also presented by La La Anthony.

Who Is La La Anthony Dating? 

La La Anthony is backtracking on her claims that she only attracts males above the age of 22, but she still wants to date her match! Although the incredibly eligible bachelorette was met at LAX, she wasn’t overly optimistic about her chances of finding love in the upcoming year. Perhaps it was the rain.

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For what it’s worth, since Lala Anthony and Carmelo Anthony’s over ten-year marriage was ended by her filing for divorce in June 2021, her career has taken off like crazy. Something to consider with her next dates.

La La Anthony’s Son Is Protective Over His Mom Dating

The 15-year-old kid of La La Anthony is worried about his mother’s amorous relationships. On Wednesday’s episode of “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” the actress said of her ex-husband Carmelo Anthony, “He’s protective.” He chastised it. He loathes it to the core. La La, 43, joked that Kiyan would prefer that she remain single.

Who is La La Anthony’s Dating 2023

You just want your mum to be by herself, I ask? practically ever? “Kind of,” he said when she spoke. However, he always says, “All right, Ma, see you later,” whenever his friends want to go somewhere or do something. I’m coming over here now. You easily depart from me in a heartbeat, but you insist that I be alone.



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