Fact Check Policy

At newsrelease.in, we are committed to presenting accurate and reliable information to our readers. In order to ensure the integrity of our content, we have implemented the following fact check policy:

  1. All news articles, editorials, and other content published on newsrelease.in will be thoroughly researched and verified before publication.
  2. We will use credible and reliable sources for our information, including primary sources whenever possible.
  3. If we use third-party sources, we will clearly attribute the information to those sources and provide links to the original content.
  4. If we make a mistake in our reporting, we will promptly correct the error and issue a correction notice.
  5. If we receive a complaint or request for correction, we will review the complaint and make any necessary corrections if warranted.

By adhering to this policy, we hope to maintain the trust of our readers and the integrity of our content.