Backer Relaunches Label That Had Party Contaminated Lot And Zero Sensitivity – Full Glass

Minas brewer Gerais Backer had a party last Saturday (17) to mark the relaunch of the Captain Senra label, a beer that was already part of the factory’s portfolio. It would be prosaic news if it went with another brewery; or if that was with Backer, until 2019. But with Backer, in 2020, it might be possible to say, at the very least, that there was some rush in the launch.

Refreshing memory: Backer got involved in the biggest beer contamination case in Brazil at the end of the year. Ten people died and dozens more showed signs of severe poisoning. In July, 11 people were indicted following a police investigation, including seven for manslaughter.

Most of the contaminated batches (with diethylene glycol) were from Belorizontina beer, but substances were also found on other labels, such as Capitão Senra (an amber beer with a good presence of malt in good times). The beer was reportedly made at the Germânia facility in São Paulo, as Backer’s space could not yet be used.

Mistake 1: If the brewery considers it time (even if it seems too early) to come back to the market, they had no sensitivity when using a name that had a contaminated label. Changing the label image does not change this.

Mistake 2: reviving at Cervejeiro Backer Temple, a bar that is located at the entrance of the factory, with a party was seen as a stab to the families involved in the case.

If you want to return to the market, where you were once a leading name in the craft scene, Backer needs to reinvent himself with more sensitivity, a lot more sensitivity.

In a report from the O Tempo newspaper in Minas Gerais, Eliana Reis, whose husband died of poisoning, was indignant. “The images in my head are of my husband falling apart. He was screaming in pain in the last days of his life, but there was no sound in his voice. Now is Backer having a party? Free? Didn’t they have the decency to offer their condolences and now to celebrate? Celebrate what? “

On the internet, there were many comments of indignation during the relaunch evening.

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