Mae Whitman, The Star of ‘Good Girls,’ Does Have a Boyfriend?

Who Is Mae Whitman Dating: An American actress, singer, and voice artist, Mae Whitman has a $5 million net worth. On “State of Grace” (2001–2002), “Arrested Development” (2004–2006; 2013), “Parenthood” (2010–2015), and “Good Girls,” Whitman played Emma Grace McKee, Ann Veal, and Annie Marks, respectively (2018–2021).

Who Is Mae Whitman Dating?

With her bizarre but all-too-human lifestyle choices, like drenching fries in syrup or purportedly lessening rejection by having a one-night fling with a homeless guy, Annie won many fans.

Thanks to her ability to accept shortcomings, Annie became well known as the antidote to Beth’s (Christina Hendricks) cunning intelligence and Ruby’s (Retta) no-nonsense mother figure. What about Mae’s romantic life off the program, though? Is she dating anyone?

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Mae, in particular, respects her privacy. On Instagram, she mostly shares her professional endeavors. Mae regularly shares behind-the-scenes selfies with her fans. Occasionally, famous people, including her friend and former Parenthood co-star Lauren Graham, might be spotted in her photos. She regularly takes photos with Miles Heizer as well.

Mae has previously been connected to actors like Robbie Amell from The Flash and Dov Tiefenbach from The Umbrella Academy. She co-starred in the popular adolescent comedy-drama The DUFF, which most likely led to rumors about her connection with Robbie.

The fact that Mae and Robbie were the movie’s closest friends brought up their private lives for several viewers. Giving chemical readings for The DUFF brought Mae and Robbie together for the first time. Robbie and Italia Ricci have been wed since 2016, which should be sufficient to put the rumor to rest. Robbie first met Italia Ricci in the summer of 2008.

It only takes a quick glance into Mae’s purported connection with Dov Tiefenbach to see how secretive her love life is. They reportedly had a brief relationship in 2008, according to sites like The Cinemaholic. Surprisingly, a Ranker article from 2019 said they were dating and may have been together since 2008. Talk about mysterious.

Mae revealed in a 2014 interview with Glamour that she had dated musician Landon Pigg, who made an appearance on the television show Parenthood. When he made an appearance in Season 3, Episode 10, which aired in 2011, they supposedly were still dating.

“Landon, my ex-boyfriend, spent a year on [Parenthood]. He came to record on the Luncheonette because he was a musician, and at the time he was my lover, Mae said. We remain close friends. He helped me write all of the songs I’ve performed on this concert thus far. He was a pleasure to have on the program.

Who Is Mae Whitman Dating?

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Is Mae Whitman in A Partnership?

Unknown is Mae’s current romantic situation. The Cinemaholic reported that she was thought to be dating Dov Tiefenbach. The actress revealed that she was dating musician Landon Pigg, who also had an appearance on Parenthood, in a 2014 Glamour interview.

Actually, Landon, my ex-boyfriend, was on Parenthood for a full year, Mae said. He was my sweetheart at the time and a musician who contributed to the Luncheonetteto CD. We remain close friends. He helped me write all of the songs I’ve performed on this concert thus far. He was a pleasure to have on the program.

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