Find out what ice cream deliveries to ask to cool off in the heat of MS – 10/13/2020 – Candy

With city thermometers breaking up on hot days, there’s nothing better than an ice cream to cool off without having to leave home. But delivering a good ice cream can even seem odd and defeat the fear that the candy will melt at home.

To guarantee good delivery, ice cream parlors rely on the speed of assembly, such as Bacio di Latte, polystyrene packaging that maintains the temperature, such as Gelato Boutique, and plastic jars that are refrigerated for a safe trip, such as Frida Mine. We are a family business.

Check out the list of establishments that deliver pasta and popsicles to your house.

Bacio di Latte
Creamy ice cream is produced there daily with whole milk and organic sugar. There are kit options with stuffed cones (R $ 15) and ice cream with two flavors (R $ 20) up to a jar to share with the whole family, who can choose up to three flavors (89 R $, 1.5 liters).
In all stores and by delivery via iFood.

Le Botteghe di Leonardo
The Italian chain has been around for three years and offers pasta, which varies in size and can cost anywhere from R $ 63 to R $ 128 and popsicles (R $ 64) — in this option there are four units which vary in flavors like coconut, dulce de leche, strawberry and chocolate.
In all franchised stores and by delivery via Rappi, iFood, Uber Eats or by own delivery.

Gelato Shop
With two stores in Jardins and São Paulo’s Cidade Shopping Center, award-winning Marcia Garbin ice cream shop offers day-battered flavor options made with local and seasonal produce. One of the requested options is pink lemonade, with lemon and a touch of raspberries and mint. The frozen balls are sold in jars (from R $ 15) or up to two flavors (R $ 54, 540 ml).
In all franchised stores and by delivery via iFood, UberEats and Rappi.

Davvero Gelato Tradizionale
The ice cream parlor of the sisters Suelen Ferrari and Debora Tesoto celebrates Italian origin without forgetting a little Brazilian swing. Flavors are prepared daily, such as Belgian chocolate, fior di latte, mango, lemon-clove and berries. There are also desserts that take ice cream, like the brownie with ice cream (R $ 28) and the little cake (R $ 26).

Frida and Mina
With seasonal flavors, without colorings or preservatives, they favor natural flavors. The ice creams are delivered in jars kept at a very low temperature for proper functioning. Some of the more famous flavors include crispy macadamia (R $ 40, 550ml) or fleur de sel caramel (R $ 40, 550ml).
In all franchised stores and by delivery via Rappi.

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