Find out how to reuse chicken, rice and other ingredients in the kitchen – 10/16/2020 – Food

With high prices on the market, it’s time to untangle the project of learning how to reuse food – and, of course, not to waste food.

The journalist from Folha Marília Miragaia spoke with Ao Vivo em Casa this Friday 16 on the subject with the chef Fábio Vieira, in front of Micaela, a restaurant in the Gardens, in São Paulo, which has just gained a branch in Ilhabela, Côte de Sao Paulo.

For starters, a chef’s suggestion is to think about which places in the refrigerator are best for storing different foods. Placing leftovers with a longer shelf life in front of the shelf makes it possible to remember what’s there, says Fábio.

Another tip is to plan the amount of food prepared so that it can be used in another recipe – be sure to check the ingredients that should be used before they spoil.

Fábio shares, in addition to tips, some valuable recipes, such as grandma’s bean salad, which he says takes carioca beans cooked without broth, raw onion, tomato, vinegar and green smell.

It also teaches how to use two reuse classics: rice and chicken, which give different recipes and help you never tire of what has already been produced. As an example, daily rice can become a country risotto with vegetable broth, grated chicken and peas, a recipe that the chef usually prepares for his children.


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