Zelensky's call for preemptive strike could lead to 'irreparable mistakes', says Russia

The calls by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for a pre-emptive strike against Russia are a sign of his moral state, which can lead to dangerous mistakes, the Kremlin spokesman said on Friday. , Dmitry Peskov.

“From the point of view of symptoms, it is a very dangerous phenomenon,” Peskov told Russian public television.

“In fact, the leader of Ukraine has called on the main states of the world, the countries of the nuclear club, to carry out a preemptive strike against our country, against Russia”, commented the representative of the Russian presidency.

“This is a absolutely blatant statement, possibly a demonstration of the Ukrainian president’s moral state, which could lead to very serious and irreparable mistakes,” he added.

In a video conference with Australia’s Lowy Institute on Thursday, Zelensky called on NATO to take “pre-emptive action” against Russia to stop it from using nuclear weapons, which set off alarm bells in Russia despite Ukrainian officials allege that the president was referring to sanctions.

“It is clear that it is impossible to ignore this, and we ask the leaders of other states not to ignore it either,” declared Peskov.

The Kremlin representative further regretted that the West did not ask for moderation from Zelensky after these statements.

“There were some timid attempts to, shall we say, criticize Zelensky’s tone that we heard in the UN and elsewhere. But unfortunately, no one thought to put their vassal in his place. This is very dangerous,” he added.

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