“You have never seen a campaign of mine incite hatred”: the phrases of the week

“I must have gone out to answer the phone” – Marco Feliciano, pastor, sneaking out and using the first excuse he found to justify his presence at the launch of the movie “How to Become the Worst Student at School”, in 2017. Written by the now disaffected Danilo Gentili and reason for an absurd controversy throughout the week, the film was attacked by the same Feliciano, forgetting what he saw five years ago.

“There are more iPhones in Brazil than the population. Brazilians have one, two iPhones” – Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy, confusing smartphone with iPhone. Or maybe he really thinks that Brazil is like Switzerland. This was not the only lapse of the minister this week. Keep reading, there’s more.

“Imagine Dilma with a pandemic and war at the same time” – Eduardo Cunha, ex -convict and ex-deputy, making us lose sleep over this tragic image. Glad the nightmare didn’t come to fruition. Thanks, in part, to the performance of Nosso Malvado Prefeito.

“I had no idea what a war was” – Tiago Rossi ) , sniper and “volunteer soldier” in the Ukrainian war, discovering that reality has nothing to do with Call of Duty and other such games.

“Netflix is ​​waiting for the end of war to make a film about a black Ukrainian falling in love with a trans Russian soldier” – Elon Musk, businessman and provocateur, anticipating the Oscar winner .

“I broke my face with the MBL” – Diogo Mainardi, journalist. Apparently, Sergio Moro too.

“People are afraid to go out on the street SP because there are homeless people, drugs and whores Ceis (sic) understand where hygienism comes from? idea (sic) that you with your cell phone have the right to the street and the city, the bitch, the drug addict and the homeless person don’t. “Ah but they rob”. Sueli Feliziani, researcher, adept of the “logic of the robbery”, of the “philosopher” Marcia Tiburi.

“One of the cheapest gasoline in the world Brazil is ours” – Jair Bolsonaro, president. Not for nothing, no, but it seems that Seu João, who lost his job during the pandemic and had to make do with an app driver, won’t be very happy to hear this.

“Petrobras will be given back to the people” – Erika Kokay, federal deputy for the PT. By “people” she obviously means PT.

“Brazil is ready for World War II” – Paulo Guedes

, Minister of Economy, in his second appearance in the phrases of the week. Yes, it was a lapse, it’s obvious that it was a lapse. Anyway, it might be a good idea to resume using Memorex, Minister.

“You’ve never seen a campaign of mine stimulate hatred, or curse the opponent” – Lula, ex-convict, lying, lying, lying and lying, with the certainty that there will always be a few million willing to believe his lie.

“‘Uncle, what is pedophilia? ‘Come here, niece, sit on my lap and I’ll explain to you'” – André Fernandes, state deputy who spent the week denouncing ” pedophilia” in a movie by 2017. He was only 14 years old when he wrote this unfunny, unhappy joke. Laugh who can. Hide laughter who has sense. And screams “pedophile!” who wants to play the champion of morals.

“I was diminished as Neymar’s girlfriend” – Bruna Marquezine, actress and ex -girlfriend of Neymar, ex-boyfriend of Bruna Marquezine.

“Homeless people also have vanity, they also have desires, they go to bars, parties, restaurants, go to lectures, the museum, the theater, the cinema, go to ‘important’ places, develop relationships” – Jade Ferran, photographer. Truth. Anyone who has been to the theater knows that there are even homeless people who occasionally venture onto the stage.

“Masks: I use them. And I will continue to use them” – Mônica Bergamo, journalist. Good science has many doubts about the effectiveness of masks in containing the pandemic, but no one can deny that it is unbeatable to signal virtue.

“Do you think it’s more important for the school to teach math or empathy?” – Laura Mattos, journalist. In the real world, math. In the world of Care Bears, empathy.


“For behind every moral champion lives a scoundrel” – Nelson Rodrigues, writer and genius.

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