Xi Jinping is re-elected, expands power and eliminates last signs of opposition

Chinese President Xi Jinping has been re-elected Secretary General of the Communist Party for a new five-year term, his third in a row. Xi introduced this Sunday (23) the four new members of the party’s standing committee, the body that constitutes the top leadership of the party. In addition to Xi, number 1 of the party, Zhao Leji and Wang Huning remain on the committee for the next five years.

The new members are Li Qiang, Cai Qi, Ding Xuexiang and Li Xi, as announced by the president. to the press at an event at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Numbers 2, 3, 4 and 7 of the Communist Party of China (CPC) so far – Li Keqiang, Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang and Han Zheng, respectively – have retired due to age.

For the first time in 25 years there is not even a woman in the highest power summit of the Asian giant and not even in the central committee of the communist party. Another change was that any sign of opposition to Xi disappeared within the caption, with the exclusions of Vice Premier Hu Chunhua – the only representative of the wing of former Chinese President Hu Jintao – and the current prime minister (already departing). ), Li Keqiang.

In this way, the Chinese leader removes from the highest levels the representatives of the Communist Youth League, considered the most liberal and pragmatic group in the country’s leadership. Yesterday, former President Jintao was forcibly removed from the plenary where the 20 th Congress of the Communist Party of China was being closed.

“ The world needs China”

In a brief speech to the press to introduce the new members of the Standing Committee, Xi Jinping narrated his usual slogans and prayed that the centenary communist party would continue to “bloom in own revolution” and “become the strongest and most reliable backbone of the Chinese people.”

“Faced with new challenges on this new path, we must remain on high alert, always maintain sobriety and

The Chinese leader also declared that the world “faces unprecedented challenges”, adding that “China cannot develop without the world, and the world also needs China.”

“After more than 40 years of unremitting efforts at reform and opening up, create the two miracles of rapid economic development and long-term social stability. At the moment, the Chinese economy is resilient and has great potential and maneuverability,” he said.

Xi Jinping also assured that China’s doors will continue to open, while the country will continue to “create opportunities for the rest of the world” through its own development.

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