World Swimming Coaches Association wants to create trans category


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Viktoria Harcheko, da equipe de natação paralímpica ucraniana, no treinamento da equipe em Istambul, Turquia, em 20 de abril de 2022.

Viktoria Harcheko of the Ukrainian Paralympic Swimming Team at team training in Istanbul, Turkey, in 18 of April


Since the beginning of the year, the WSCA has been organizing to present a new formatting of categories to the federation , with three subscription options. Thus, there would be exclusive competitions for people declared to be women at birth in the female category, in addition to the male and open categories. In this way, transgender athletes would have the right to register both in the “male” option, if they identify themselves, and in the “open” category.

Swimming coaches also point out that, in addition to gender, other differences are taken into account when organizing categories for competition. “Birth sex categorization remains the most useful and functional division with regard to sport performance. It recognizes the wide range of significant differences in performance between the sexes. Thus, the sport of swimming must maintain the traditional sex categorization – in association with age and, where appropriate, disability – while finding a model of inclusion for transgender athletes.”

In the statement, the association summarizes the history of categorizations in the sport. Before, women competed with men and were naturally at a disadvantage. Since the women’s category was created, more women have entered the sport, as the WSCA recalls. “If we want to protect women’s sport, grow our sport and create fair competition, there is a strong argument that we need to follow the path of history and create a new division for these trans athletes.”

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