Won't the TSE punish the Sleeping Giants for fake news and hate speech?

The first of those working in this Gazette to have their head asked for by the anonymous group Sleeping Giants was Rodrigo Constantino. The strategy of asking this company for his head didn’t work; and other cowardly employers ended up firing him and then turned back. The Sleeping Giants ended up rising to notoriety in public debate.

This is a Twitter profile with about .

followers (remembering that there can always be a robot) that keeps demanding from companies the heads of citizens who commit crimes of opinion. Constantine, in particular, was accused of advocating the rape of his own daughter. That’s low, and it’s a shame that they even fired him on that accusation as silly as it was sordid. The profile did this anonymously. This Gazeta

claimed the identity of such people, published an article about an NGO linked to the Sleeping Giants that receives a lot of millionaire donations.

Like the anonymity is prohibited by the Constitution (at least for the time being), the names of a young and poor couple from Paraná were presented as responsible for the Twitter profile. Not long after, the Sleeping Giants went after presenter Sikêra Júnior and player Maurício Souza.

Sikêra lost a mountain of sponsors until she came up with a ruse to catch the tweeters: announced as a sponsor of her program a manauara viewpoint that does not exist, created profiles for her on social networks and waited for the “customers” in the Southeast to say that they would never again return to the viewpoint in Manaus that they liked so much, since it unfortunately sponsors a homophobe. Then he took the numbers and took legal action. The other sponsors were left with the proof: the boycotts are false. Marketing departments must ignore such threats.

The case of the player Maurício Souza also did not work out very well. He came out on top, even from a financial point of view. Sponsors showered, his case caused a stir, and a political career became viable for the player nearing retirement age.

Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist, believes the horror of tyranny is an innate value the humanity. At some point, our apelike ancestors would have developed an instinct that drives them to cooperate in killing an overly oppressive boss. I believe the Sleeping Giants’ shots backfired and sparked that instinct in most of society. If in society it didn’t work out, it was up to the group to ask Twitter for the head. He did this by denouncing his colleague Guilherme Fiuza for “fake news” and demanding that Twitter delete his account. Fiuza has stood out in the emphatic and well-founded denunciation of crimes committed against human rights in the name of health security. He is also one of the few to give a face to the victims of the experimental vaccine.

Lack of shame is worse than cowardice

We were us recording the podcast “O papo é” from this Gazeta when, naturally, the subject was brought up. We’re all bald to know that Sleeping Giants is a coward, and it doesn’t hurt to say he’s a coward. On the contrary: cowards need to be called cowards. Fiuza shows his face and the Sleeping Giants doesn’t.

But, however, nevertheless, nothing is so bad that it can’t get worse. From a moral point of view, it’s a comfortable situation where Fiuza shows his face, proud of his work, and the Sleeping Giants, even with millions behind them and formal support from the TSE, hide in the shadows. The moral world is at peace, with the wicked attesting to their wickedness. They’re ashamed because they know they’re wrong.

So I was listening to these moral condemnations of the scoundrels while looking at the Twitter profile. I must say that the Sleeping Giants advertises the tweets of people who are as proud to show their faces as Fiuza. And among these people there was a proud Renan Brites Peixoto, a self-declared “GloboNews and TV Globo journalist”, who had tweeted the following about Barbara from “Te Atualizei”: “This denialist has been attacking me for months. His brainless followers are angry and dangerous. They spent the pandemic interfering with the work of the press. Twitter, she doesn’t deserve a blue stamp. It deserves an electronic anklet. #TwitterSupportsFakeNews #Twitter omitted.” Below was an excerpt from a video in which Barbara reads aloud a tweet by Renan Peixoto himself.

This man feels threatened by an unarmed woman on the couch reading a tweet of his out loud on the couch. . He asks for her arrest.

The journalist was tweeted by the Sleeping Giants, whose legitimacy the TSE recognized by following his advice. The journalist said that Barbara’s audience is dangerous and brainless. This dehumanizes. This gentleman is saying that I am a dangerous woman with no brain, as well as, probably, a subscriber to this Gazeta, since Barbara has participated in the program “Hora do Strike” with Cristina Graeml.

I wonder if Could minister Barroso come to the public to condemn this dissemination of fake news about Brazilians? Or will he interpret the Constitution to decide that I have no brains and am dangerous?

Renan Peixoto’s tweet is no longer available because he closed his profile. But let’s continue with the Sleeping Giants: we find the figure from Agência Lupa celebrating the fact that the Public Ministry is putting pressure on Twitter to remove Barbara’s blue stamp. We also see Natuza Nery, from GloboNews, supporting the group.

I suggest that the TSE advise these ladies not to promote a profile that spreads fake news and promotes hate.

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