Woman kills gunman who fired AR-15 rifle shots at US party


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Foto de arquivo de um fuzil AR-15, tipo de arma que era utilizado pelo atirador que foi morto na Virgínia Ocidental
File photo of an AR rifle- , the type of weapon that was used by the shooter who was killed in West Virginia )| Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A woman held back a gunman who was shooting at a crowd in Charleston in West Virginia, United States. According to information from the BBC, the case was registered last Wednesday night (20), the day after a school shooting in Texas resulted in 17 deaths.

The shooter in the West Virginia incident was Dennis Butler of 21 years old, who already had a criminal record – with a history of conviction, he was not legally allowed to carry the weapon.

According to the BBC, local police spokesman Tony Hazelett, reported that Butler had driven through the area of ​​the attack shortly before and had been warned to slow down because children were playing in the area. He returned minutes later armed with an AR rifle-12 and opened fire in the direction of about 24 people who were at a party.

The woman, who is not a member of any security force and whose name has not been released, shot and killed Butler, preventing multiple deaths, according to Hazelett.

“She is just a member of our community who was legally carrying her gun. And instead of running away from the threat, she reacted and saved several lives,” the spokesperson said. He informed that no charges will be made against her.

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