With Republican support, Biden signs bill revising gun rules

O presidente dos EUA, Joe Biden, discursa no Dia do Memorial Nacional no Cemitério Nacional de Arlington, Virgínia, EUA, em 30 de maio de 2022.
US President Joe Biden delivers a speech on Independence Day National Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, USA at 30 from May of 2022.| Photo: EFE/EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, signed this Saturday morning (06) the first federal law related to gun safety “after 28 years of inaction”, according to him, and which had the support of 14 Republicans for approval, with a Democratic majority.

“God willing, it will save many lives,” Biden said at Casa Branca finished signing the bill, which came after two large and recent mass shootings, one at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and another at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

Among the points of the new law, there is the inclusion of a review of the process of purchasing weapons by minors years, the expansion of the possibility of confiscation from to rms of those who pose a danger to themselves and others. It also removes the right to have weapons from those accused of domestic violence who are not married, something that did not occur.

Final approval comes shortly after the Supreme Court expanded the right to bear arms by giving the go-ahead for them to be carried in public.

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