With opposition parties banned, Nicaragua holds municipal “elections”

Nicaragua is holding its municipal “elections” this Sunday in a vote without any expectation of surprise, given that the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega prohibits the participation of opposition parties and sends dissidents to prison, convicted of crimes of “treason to homeland”.

The reduction in 755 thousand registered voters in one year and the doubts about the identities of people who appear registered as candidates – including prisoners, dead and exiles – call attention to the electoral staging in which the government of Sandinista Ortega guarantees that “popular democracy” will be strengthened.

Altogether, 3.722.

of Nicaraguans over 16 years old, out of a population of 6.6 million people, are eligible to vote this Sunday, starting at 7 am local time (10 Brasília time), to elect mayors, vice-mayors and councilors of 153 cities, according to data from the Supreme Electoral Council. The drop in 755.450 voters was not justified by the local official bodies.

On November 7 of last year, Ortega and his wife, Rosario Murillo, were “re-elected” as president and vice-president, in a bid in which the main opponents were in prison. At the time, 4.478.141 people were eligible to vote.

The far-left Frente Sandinista de Libertação Nacional (FSLN) currently rules 153 of 153 Nicaraguan cities and is favorite to win in 100% of the municipalities this time, including the capital Managua, with Reyna Rueda.

The expected landslide victory will be facilitated by the illegality of three parties opposition, last year, and the arrest of its main leaders, who were sentenced to eight to 13 years in prison, for “betrayal to the country “.

Altogether, 100 Sandinista mayors are seeking re-election, including Rueda, in Managua, which has almost 2 million inhabitants. The victory in the city is the second largest possible in Nicaraguan political life, after the presidency of the country.

In addition to the Sandinistas, five other parties participate in the municipal elections, which are considered as “collaborators of the Ortega regime for the opposition”: the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC), the Alliance for the Republic (APRE), the Independent Liberal Party (Alianza PLI) and the indigenous movement Yapti Tasba Masraka Nanih Asla Takanka (YATAMA)

Due to the collusion, critics of the Nicaraguan dictatorship are campaigning for the population to stay at home and not go to vote this Sunday, as a form of protest. “Nicaragua will consolidate itself as a more totalitarian state after November 6”, indicated a joint report by a group of media opposed to the government, referring to the election.

For the States States, the municipal election will be “another farce”, since Nicaraguans will be denied the right to freely and fairly choose their municipal authorities, due to the arrest of oppositionists.

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