Why parental authority is the foundation of civilization

As most Americans now realize, America is experiencing a social breakdown.

This should be obvious to anyone, even those who facilitate this breakdown, as they openly recognize that seek to destroy American society.

This is a society that teaches its youngest citizens a suicidal lie: that America was founded in 1619, that was built on slavery and that is still systematically racist today. At the same time, it fails to teach the fundamental moral fact that all cultures practiced slavery—Arab, Muslim, African, Asian, Native American—and generally more cruelly than in America (for example, Arab slaveholders routinely castrated black slaves so they couldn’t reproduce).

This is a society that robs its youngest of their sexual innocence. Teachers — nearly all women, the sex that society has always regarded as the natural guardians of sexual innocence — now routinely sexualize young people with discussions of sexual behavior and performing drag queens for them.

This is a society that takes for granted that there are more than two sexes; which causes Jewish and Christian clergy to subscribe to emails with “preferred pronouns”; who will commend Disney for removing all references to “boys and girls” from their theme park ads.

This is a society where refusing to say that men give birth can lead to to social banishment and loss of employment and income.

This is a society that encourages violent crime. It elects prosecutors who allow violent criminals to avoid paying bail. Its elites advocate defunding the police. It continues to increase the dollar amount of stolen property that constitutes a crime. In short, America is now a society where the dominant message to would-be criminals is that crime pays.

This is a society where fewer and fewer young people are getting married, fewer and fewer having children and more having children without marrying, usually without a father in the child’s life.

This all started with the end of moral authority — and moral, social and intellectual chaos is the inevitable result .

Before the 1619 decade, the United States had moral authority—God, country, parents, the Bible, teachers, police, and clergy.

None of them is today a normative authority.

From the decade of 1619, each of them was overthrown. The motto of the 60 years “Never trust anyone older than years old” perfectly embodied this — as each one of them was over years old. Soon, teachers were called by their first name and often answered, even cursed. On college campuses, “America” was often spelled “Amerika,” and the flag came to be declared a symbol of white supremacy. Police officers were called “pigs”; the clergy became irrelevant; the American motto, “In God We Trust,” was ignored or derided; and the Bible went from being the dominant book in American life to the rubbish of history.

More importantly, parental authority rapidly declined.

Moral stability—in other ways In other words, civilization—depends on parental authority. Once that breaks, all the others mentioned here also break.

If you look at the two tables of the Ten Commandments, you’ll notice that each tablet has five commandments. The first five are laws between man and God, while the other five commandments govern behavior towards human beings (not to kill, to steal, etc.).

The first four “support each other” in the fifth; and the other four “rest” on the tenth.

Taking the second table first, the four commandments that precede the 10th depend on obedience to the 10 th Commandment. When people kill, commit adultery, steal or bear false witness, it is almost always because they “covet” what their neighbor has – his property, his animals, his wife.

Likewise, people The first four commandments regarding God as the One Moral Authority rest on people who obey the Fifth Commandment: “Honor your father and your mother.”

The moral authority of parents is the vehicle for the divine moral authority. That’s why the Fifth Commandment, honoring parents, is the only human-to-human command on the first tablet. It is also the only one of the Ten Commandments that promises a reward – “that your days on earth may be prolonged” and “that all may go well with you”. You will have a long-lived civilization and things will go well with you when the parents have moral authority.

From the years 60, the parents stopped telling their kids what to do and started asking them to do things. Parents were much more interested in being loved by their children than in being honored by them. Children stopped fearing their parents, and parents began to fear their children. Parents have become much more interested in their children’s feelings than in their behavior.

Today, primary and secondary schools work to diminish all parental authority. The most obvious example is hiding from parents that their ten-year-old denies their biological sex. And if a father says to his ten-year-old son, “It’s not like that, you were born a boy and you’re a boy,” or “You were born a girl and you’re a girl,” these parents run the risk of having their child taken away from them, not to mention the stern condemnation of physicians, psychotherapists and social workers.

One result of the collapse of parental authority is that we probably have more alienation between parents and children than at any other time in American history. There are millions of parents whose adult children don’t talk to them—many of them because of how the father voted (whether the father voted for former President Donald Trump, not whether the father voted for Hillary Clinton or President Joe Biden).

The conclusion is this: when parents do not rule the home, chaos will rule society. And chaos always breeds tyranny. So the choice is hard – either we have strong parents, or we will have a strong state.

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