Why doesn't the left want to be associated with leftist ideas?

Justice, which is written with capital letters but sometimes acts as lowercase, determined that a poster associating the left with abortion and the defense of criminals be removed from the facade of a building in Porto Alegre. As this type of exposure of known leftist ideas became fashionable throughout Brazil, a group of lawyers (oh, what a fear!) filed a lawsuit to demand the removal of all kinds of material that associates the left with… well, to ideas of the left.

If the action succeeds, we will be prevented from associating the left with hammer and sickle, with the color red, with abortion , to penal abolitionism, to ecosocialism, to the persecution of Christians, to the suppression of fundamental freedoms, to the centralized and planned economy, to the eugenics mentality, to socially justifiable violence, to historical tragedies such as Holodomor, gulags and the Chinese Cultural Revolution, to Cuba and its paredóns, to the São Paulo Forum, to victimism, to the use of the State for private purposes, to corruption, to the end of private property, to social engineering, to scientism, to censorship ( of course, how could I forget about censorship?), to disarmament, to globalism, to gender ideology, to the MST, to the increase in taxes, to the anti-racist struggle that, if it is not reverse racism, seems, to welfarism, to Anitta, to indoctrination in schools, to trade unionism,… I probably forgot something, but I think I can understand.

And it is very likely that Justice (the one that… you already know) will end up determining that this type of association is irregular and forbids it, coming up with a “censorship of good”. I can bet my Care Bears sticker collection on that. To do so, it is enough for the group of lawyers who are very concerned with the leftist image of the left, and which goes by the name of Prerogatives, invent some legal argument based on the Law Found on the Street. Or, write in good Latin (according to Google Translate) that “quidquid ad tollendum bolsonarum de potestate”. Or something like that.

Easier than predicting the outcome of this legal battle is to understand why the contemporary left is ashamed of ideas whose superiority over, I don’t know, conservatism, Tradition, liberalism and Natural Law she, the left, preaches. It’s ideas, you see!, that form the basis of leftist thinking and ambitions. Ideas that make a distracted leftist commit the folly of walking around with a Che Guevara shirt and even voting for THIS EXCERPT WAS SUPPRESSED BY LAW Nº 9.504/1997, ARTICLE SUCH, CAPUT SUCH, PARAGRAPH SUCH, ITEM SUCH .

I mean, perhaps the easiest explanation is also the most obvious: the current left lacks the courage to be what It is. To look inside yourself and face the monster. Or demon. Which only highlights the perverse character of the neo-left mentality. After all, who would be ashamed to go around holding flags if they considered them really virtuous? Furthermore (so thinks the leftist), every lie is worth it if the cause is not small. This is what an indigestible cross between Machiavelli and Fernando Pessoa would say.

Here, against my will, I am forced to evoke “1984”, by George Orwell: war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. And, judging by the rhetorical disposition of this cowardly, dishonest left, without honor or shame in the face, in the next two months we are doomed to face a fabricated reality, in which dictatorship is democracy, expropriation is property, abortion is life, re-education is school, misery is wealth, hunger is a full belly, scarcity is abundance, lies are truth, suffering is pleasure, crying is laughter, agency verification is journalism, two plus two equals five, and… Again I must be forgetting something, but I can already understand.

“Pequepê! Is it possible for anyone to believe that?!” you ask me, with unnecessary aggression, but that’s okay. I will release. I understand your irritation and, moreover, I share your fear. Yes, there are people who, more out of ignorance than in bad faith, believe. There are people who struggle to believe. There are people who believe, even if they are a little suspicious. And there are people who don’t believe, but pretend to believe so as not to attract the wrath of the gang. In fact, this is what the left has always counted on and today, all made up, it counts again: the submission of conscience to the group mentality, in the hope that one day all this cleverness will guarantee security and peace to the ideological slave. Do I count or do you count?

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