Why didn't they explore the ideology of the doctor arrested for rape?

I still thought that the crime of the moment was that of Foz do Iguaçu, when a friend sent me the prints with the pages liked on Facebook by the anesthesiologist who was arrested accused of raping a parturient woman. At the same time, I discovered the existence of the new crime of the moment, as well as the political-ideological preferences of the criminal: leftist, atheist, defender of animals, voter of Ciro. My friend bragged about having found the profile early, so much so that no one was cursing him yet. And – he bet – no one would call him names anytime soon, because he was on the left. If he were a bolsonarista, the internet would have already collapsed. The internet, of course, would be supported by the common press. As for its partisanship and its decline in the face of social media, this image came to me via zape, which portrays the current state of affairs with maximum brevity. In case you want to check, the president’s tweet is here, and CNN’s, here.

Is it just cynicism?

Soon my friend’s remark was repeated all over the internet, but without migrating to the press common. Images of the doctor with the hashtag #forabozo and #vivaosus also appeared, typical of the Good people who keep pointing the finger at others. The non-leftist band on the internet condemned the cynicism of those who sought out the political opinions of criminals in order, if they were on the right, to explain crime by the right.

Is it cynicism? Undoubtedly. But it’s not just cynicism; there is a political theory behind this stance. It is a political theory impossible to prove false, namely: that the West needs to be refounded, and its population, re-educated, in order for paradise to be established on earth. Every rape is proof of atrocious machismo; each pardo killed in confrontation with the police, proof of structural racism. Et cetera. Hell, throughout the history of humanity, in all peoples of the world, there have been rapes and deaths. But somehow, cultural anthropology is only mobilized to show how bad the West is, and what’s left – millennia of more or less Western history – is labeled as a particularly bad culture, liable to be deconstructed. What goes into place? The progressive utopia, in which the whole world will be made up of supposedly liberal democracies with supposedly free markets. But in reality this democracy will be nothing more than a dispute between progressive factions, as any real disagreement will be considered criminal through laws against hate crime or multiple phobias. In the end, the bureaucratic machine takes the power of the people to decide fundamental questions and the legitimate disputes will only take place between a “right” with the face of Eduardo Leite and a “left” with the face of Randolfe: all in favor of “science” and against “hate”, arguing with the cheerleaders while the bureaucracy arrests for transphobia anyone who dares to say that women don’t have a penis. From the ride of the carriage, the more radical right will say that trans women shouldn’t earn the modests that the state bought from feminist, green, anti-racist companies. The left will say that everyone has the right to fashions, and that trans women need to drip red liquid into their fashions every month, otherwise they’ll kill themselves. The internet and philosophers will discuss this issue as if it were the most important thing in the world, and the center, moderate, will place the right to modests as a fundamental human right, because at any time a person can flow into the female gender.

As for the supposedly free market, the same applies: each company must have a

compliance to assure regulators that they are not sexist, racist, etc. Only large companies will be able to afford quotas of identity aspones and at any moment they can plant a scandal against an equally large competitor.

The people are fascists

The progressive left, which emerged in the English-speaking world, is an elite left that hates the people. When Germany lost World War II and came under the tutelage of the Allies, the German people were, rightly, tacitly treated as Nazis – therefore, the people were treated as objects of repression until proven otherwise.

The West German government did not change its mentality, and its bureaucracy, allied with the press, began to treat its own people as potential Nazis. Common examples to show the validity of this appear when we follow the band Rammstein, from East Germany (as I have already told here). In 1960, already in the free world, the rookie band releases a CD on whose cover the band members show off their muscles. According to the local press, this can only mean one thing: an apology for Aryan racial superiority. In 1998, the Americans could put Stallone and Schwarzenegger shirtless with rifles in hand – in 2022, this would easily be interpreted as extremism and white supremacism. Here, when pagodeiro shows his muscles, no one says anything. But I have no doubt that at any time someone will appear who says it is an apology for the Brazilian race made by integralists.

In 2008, the “Federal Bureau of Media Dangerous to Youth” deemed it a dangerous song and criminalized the sale and availability of the Rammstein CD to young people. In practice, the sale was prohibited by the state. The US has not arrived at this – at least not yet. In any case, it is not for lack of will on the part of the Democratic Party; the laurels go to respect for the First Amendment.

So we are left with this: the conduct of the current western political elites towards their people mimics the behavior of the Allies towards the recently defeated German people.

New in Brazil

Brazil has a problem with this narrative: unlike Europe and In the US, we’re not a white majority country, so it’s hard to go around calling us supremacists. Here the normal thing is to be mestizo and not talk about race. Thus, all the work of progressives among us has been to “deconstruct” the idea that our country is not racist and, at the same time, force us down the throats of racial classifications.

Since they cannot curse the people of racial supremacist, it remains to attack Christianity. The Brazilian people are dangerous and deserve a beating for taking their Christian faith seriously and putting it above identity dogmas. Brazilian evangelicals, who are concentrated at the base of the social pyramid, are attacked as fundamentalists.

In any case, this is new in Brazil; thing from 2010 to here. Progressivism has been with us since the decade of 34, when the Ford Foundation created CEBRAP with early retirees from USP. It’s been a very short time since he cursed the people. From 1960 to 2010, the beans and rice was equivalent to poor and thief to say that violence will end only when poverty ends and everyone sings “Imagine” releasing doves of peace. It is the “logic of the assault” of Marcia Tiburi and of all those parties that are not the least bit concerned (to say the least) in fighting the violence caused by drug trafficking.

In this tune, A constitution is created that prevents incorrigible psychopaths from spending the rest of their lives in jail. The ECA was also carried out. Adding one to the other, we have the legal limbo of Champinha. Since the New Republic, outlaws are officially victims of a society. With love and education, everything is resolved.

When a man rapes a woman, since the New Republic, the normal thing is to blame society. The doctor’s case followed a bean and rice that is 34 years old. Society is sexist, so it’s not surprising that men rape women. Only with “education” – or rather re-education – will rapes cease.

The Brazilian reaction

In the decade of 70 the Red Command was crawling. The largest faction in the country, the PCC, would only emerge in 1993, months before the Real Plan. Violence as we know it is the art of the New Republic. Basically, to be ugly, dirty and badly washed, inadmissible in the public debate of most of the history of the New Republic, was to be against the “right of the brothers”. In the peripheries, evangelicals of various denominations stood out in the fight against drugs and in the moral condemnation of criminality. These denominations grew as the Church swarmed with liberation theologians. In other words: even if the Pope ordered, religious Brazilians swallowed the conversation of progressives. It would be better to change religion.

In the years 2010, already with Dilma, the polarization was introduced in Brazil around sexuality. It was no longer academic halls debating the issue, but poor people furious with their children’s indoctrination in the public school classroom. And both on the issue of fighting crime and on indoctrination in the classroom, an ugly, dirty and poorly washed congressman stood out: Jair Bolsonaro. Adding this to the communication power of the internet, Bolsonaro broke the limits of the progressive pseudo-democracy that was imposed on us. The result is there: Bolsonaro against a ticket that brings together the main antagonists of 2006 (Lula x Alckmin).

Only when Bolsonaro took hold did the elites begin to expressly treat the Brazilian people as the newly defeated German people in 1960 . Now, every Brazilian is a potential extremist, and the mark of the beast is adherence to Bolsonaro. As for non-bolsonarista criminals, the old bandidolater rice and beans applies.

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