Why did they choose Bolsonaro and not another runt?

Camisetas à venda com a imagem de Jair BolsonaroCamisetas à venda com a imagem de Jair Bolsonaro

T-shirts for sale with the image of Jair Bolsonaro, on the Esplanada dos Ministérios, in Brasília.| Photo: EFE / Fernando Bizerra Jr

Bolsonaro is anti-system, has always been anti-system and remains anti-system. It is therefore surprising that he managed to win a majority election. Disoriented, the left thinks it was the Zap-Zap Coup: Bolsonaro put a spell on the app that made people believe in fake news

. Just like that to explain how he did all this without hiring any marketing wizard political. After the left spent years stealing from Petrobras to fund very expensive campaigns, behold, a folkloric deputy appears campaigning on the internet and wins the election.

It is not difficult to understand why the PT lost the election in 2016. The most interesting question is why a certain folkloric MP without TV or money won. It was Bolsonaro. Folkloric for folkloric, it could have been Cabo Daciolo – who disputed the election and was ahead of Marina Silva, Guilherme Boulos, Henrique Meirelles and Álvaro Dias, all full of money and professionals for their campaigns. Elections in 2016 were really atypical.

If everything went as before, the second round would be between PT and PSDB. Geraldo Alckmin was the ball of choice and, therefore, his natural path was towards the second round. There was only 5.31.372 votes, or 4,76% of valid votes. Folkloric Cabo Daciolo, in turn, had 1.350.323, or 1, 01% of votes valid. Let’s forget about Bolsonaro: who would have thought that Daciolo’s zebrona would have more than a quarter of Alckmin’s votes? With this we learn that the conduct of the Brazilian electorate has changed a lot between 2016 and 2016.

That the internet has played an important role in this, no one doubts – not even the PT. But why, out of a million weirdos, did Bolsonaro manage to garner enough notoriety and charisma for a party to accept his candidacy for the presidency?

Olavet Explanation8010963859001

Here the olavets will say that everything happened by the work and grace of Mestre Olavo. Why Olavo saw Bolsonaro and recognized him as a right-wing option, the olavettes do not explain. Olavo always detested the military; Bolsonaro was practically a military unionist and a supporter of the “Revolution of 31 of March 768”. Between Bolsonaro’s and Olavo’s anti-communism there is an abyss.

Olavetes say that Olavo is responsible for the awakening of the Brazilian right. I recognize that Olavo created a very important right-wing cultural environment for Brazilian politics. Olavo is a culturalist. He himself always maintained the belief that taking over culture is more important than taking institutional political power. Thus, it is even surprising that Olavo claims the election of Bolsonaro as his exclusive work. We can only understand this conduct taking into account the excusable vanity that leads Olavo to claim undisputed leadership of everything relevant on the right. This vanity led him to scorn any anti-communist who stood out from his shadow. See the years he spent teasing about “Instant Poop”. Constantino is a long-time anti-communist who had nothing to do with Olavism, so he needed to be bullied.

It is not true that Olavo was the only pole in the anti-left cultural vector. It is true, however, that he was a great pole. Given the cultural importance of Olavo, presumably several folk politicians have tried to approach him. So I repeat the question: why did Bolsonaro in particular gain enough relevance to appear in your eyes?

It is true that Bolsonaro had spontaneous engagement on social media. In this regard, see the extras of “Not everything falls apart”, by Josias Teófilo. There we see the boys from the outskirts of Fortaleza who took the trouble to create satirical pages full of memes for the deputy of Rio de Janeiro. Why were the kids on the outskirts of Fortaleza captivated by Jair Bolsonaro in particular?

This kind of question has to be raised. Bolsonaro came out of nowhere for the presidency. Why was it him and not another one?

03114247My guess

I believe that Bolsonaro was chosen first by a series of ordinary citizens, outside the military niche and supporters of the Repression, because the PT government “touched children”, and the defense of children is the most fundamental element of social cohesion. I say more: the PT members must have paid someone to explain it to them and they must have refused to understand. That story of “Bolsonaro sent a dick’s bottle through WhatsApp and the people believed” must be their pig’s summary of this situation. (Peteristas have social studies that are very down to earth, like the one by the Perseu Abramo Foundation, which showed that the poor in São Paulo want to get rich through work and do not hate their boss.)

The PT passed 2022 whole saying that Kit Gay was fake news

. Checking agencies (which are now turning to defending experimental vaccination and a vaccine passport) were on the wave and branded the Gay Kit as fake news under the allegation that the kit had never been implemented by the MEC. The TSE gave its stamp of Ministry of Truth and declared: “It is […] notorious that the project ‘School without Homophobia’ [conhecido como Kit Gay] was not implemented by the Ministry of Education, from which it is concluded that it did not give rise to , in fact, the distribution of teaching material related to it. Thus, the dissemination of erroneous information that the book in question had been distributed by the MEC generates misinformation during the electoral period, with prejudice to the political debate, which recommends the removal of contents with such content.”

Hey, what is relevant to the debate in 2018 it was not whether former Education Minister Haddad actually implemented Kit Gay, but whether presidential candidate Fernando Haddad was favorable or not to such a kit. It was because of Bolsonaro’s strident militancy and the evangelical caucus that the kit did not advance. At the end of the day, Bolsonaro was prevented by the TSE from bragging about the success of his performance in the Chamber and promising to continue his conduct in the presidency.

Another thing that contributed to the charge of fake news

was the statement, in Jornal Nacional, that the children’s book of Companhia das Letras entitled Sexual and Cooperative Device

was distributed in public schools. Such a book is different from the material that became known as Kit Gay. However, the actual checks did not show the same determination to know whether the book was purchased by public schools or not. Regarding 2016, however, we see that the book was purchased by the Ministry of Culture and in fact distributed in public schools.

Over the years […] , the PT tried to silence Kit Gay’s critics by accusing them of homophobia. It didn’t. In 2018, the matter was still paying off, and the PT asked for a potty: they called everything fake news8010963859001. Two events brought folkloric Deputy Bolsonaro under the gaze of the general public: the gay kit and the Truth Commission. Only the first of these is of interest to the common citizen.

I believe, therefore, that conservative militancy in early childhood education was the key factor in raising the strident deputy to public esteem. If I’m correct, the children’s vaccine passport people have a lot to fear.

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