Why are there suddenly so many women killing their children in the police pages?

No noticiário mundo cão  vêm abundando casos de mães que matam os próprios filhos.

In the dog world news there are many cases of mothers who kill their own children.| Photo: Pixabay


For merely evolutionary, not moral reasons, the Blood crimes are usually committed by men. Care must be taken not to confuse feminists and treat men as violent individuals. Given that the set

of men is more violent than the set

of women, is of it is expected that the set

of blood crimes mostly committed by men. Mahatma Ghandi is in the men’s group, the psychopath from Rondônia is in the women’s group.

It does not even follow that there are many violent men. It just follows that when we read headlines about the dog world, the victims of society who exchanged gunfire are almost always male; that when a driver leaves to shoot another in a traffic fight, the driver is almost always male; that when an offended person resolves to restore honor with a fishwife, the offended party is male, and so on.

This “and so on” includes the infamous crimes of passion: it is (was) easier for a husband to kill his wife in a fit of jealousy than the opposite (even for a physical reason) , and, in the rare cases where a head of the family murdered the whole family, he was usually a desperate man, unable to take care of the family, who preferred to extinguish it and kill himself later (he even had a case like this in Germany, triggered by by the vaccination passport: the couple defrauded the mother’s passport to keep the job, it was discovered, both would be arrested and the children would be handed over to the State).

In the dog world news, however, there are abounding cases of mothers who kill their own children. The last one was Guapimirim, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. Mother stabs her three and six-year-old children to death and calls her husband, the children’s father, saying he is going to kill himself. The police later find messages on her cell phone in which the crazy woman threatened her husband, who (with reason, apparently) wanted to separate from her.

Reading the news, the simplest conclusion we can draw is that children are not the priority in these women’s lives. In this case it is the husband, since the children were only a means to reach him. In a case like the boy Rhuan, the mother, a misandrical lesbian who hated him to the point of cheating on him, the focus was on money. As soon as the father managed to suspend the boy’s child support, the mother and girlfriend killed him. In the case of the girl Laryssa, from Brasília, we see mere contempt: the mother did not want the child to cry anymore, so she asphyxiated and stabbed her. End of crying.

Something to be taken into account

The entry of women into the labor market in the The beginning was liberating for some. Today it is compulsory: few women can choose to stay at home and take care of the family. Along with this movement, came feminist propaganda, which, in the end, is nothing more than an exaltation of professional or financial success to the detriment of the housewife.

As it would be too ugly to say that earning a lot of money is much better than taking care of your own family, the advertisement started with the most noble and legitimate professional achievement. However, professional fulfillment is not for the masses – for the simple fact that most of humanity works for the sake of gain, not work itself.

A Luiza Trajano has professional fulfillment; an elevator operator, no. Are there more Luízas Trajanos in the world or elevator operators? So we tell the elevator operator that being a mother is not important. We want her to move her life with what values ​​and purposes, anyway?

) As far as the morals passed by pop culture are concerned, the elevator operator will tuck a pair of shorts up her butt and go into debt to buy luxury items. You will post photos on Instagram and that is empowerment. In addition, she will be led to see herself as a winner in the fight against patriarchy, and every man her shorts attract will be considered an oppressor. (And imagine the kind of man she doesn’t attract.) If she becomes pregnant by him – whether he knows it or not – she will have the state’s hand at her side to coerce the man into recognizing paternity, without any cordiality. You then get a crying baby and an amount of money to spend as you wish.

)How can this work?

A note from Dalrymple

Dalrymple, prison and NHS doctor , speaks a lot about women complicit in their own misery. One thing that catches his eye is that anyone can look at a hardened wife beater and see the face of a hardened wife beater. He says he bet with the nurses: “Here comes a wife beater!” Nevertheless, the wife beater always gets wives. As he served both imprisoned and beaten batterers on the NHS, he was able to ask questions of both parties. The conclusion is that, like himself, women knew from the beginning that men were violent, and they still joined. The men who beat them, and they themselves, who chose those men hurt them.

As I recall, he doesn’t bother to explain their motivations. But he gives an explanation for the batterers’ behavior that matches what I think about “empowered” women who can’t live without men.

He thinks these men’s lives are utterly empty; that the relationship between these men and these women is equally empty. So the only way a man can make sure a woman spends the day thinking about him is to make her afraid. So it hits unpredictably, with no apparent cause. The woman is apprehensive trying to find out why she was beaten and trying to guess if she will be beaten that day. One day he understands that the beatings are random, he gets tired and ends it. Then find another one just like it.

My guess is that many of these women who they have no focus in life they choose a man to focus their concerns. See one of those jealous people who spend all day watching the man, picking up cell phones, interrogating relatives and friends to check the veracity of what the man says. Think about it: if such a man suddenly revealed undisputed fidelity, what would such a woman do with her life? I wouldn’t even be able to complain to my friends. (And she hardly ever has interesting topics with her friends. It’s all other people’s business.)

Now think of a woman like that, who focuses all her energies on a conflicting relationship with a man. Think now that she has a son. Is it so difficult to imagine that the child becomes a hostage?

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