“Who lost, lost and who won, won”: the phrases of the week

“I live in an apartment of 32m. In a university residence. Protected by the French university as I cannot live in my country. I hope you get elected and democracy is restored and I can think about coming back!” – Márcia Tiburi, the 2nd favorite philosopher of petismo and stamped here in “Frases da Semana”, insisting on the story that she is politically persecuted and that we live under a fascist regime from which only Lula can deliver us. You can stay in Paris, sweetheart.

“Homicide reduction can create a deceptive sense of security” – Senate News Agency . Yet another institution committed to showing that, in the government of Jair Bolsonaro, even good things are actually bad, terrible.

“War mansplaining: why men think they are experts in war” – Nina Lemos, journalist. Calm down. Let’s ask Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Patton…

“50 thousand? Wow… minus a bag ” – Anitta, singer, taking advantage of the really bizarre decision of the TSE, which prohibited artists from expressing themselves politically during a festival, to show all her ability to identify with the people who listens to her.

“I supported Bolsonaro, the last guy I voted for was Lula” – Datena, presenter. The worst thing about contemporary Trojans is that they don’t hide enemy troops inside. But there are people who, happy with the present, make a point of not seeing it.

“Love makes us do crazy things” – Will Smith, actor and Californian Slap in the Face champion, using the most diabolical of justifications for the insane and marketer gesture at the Oscars 2022.

“On the night the world watched a real scene defending the dignity of a black woman starring a black man, that same man even won the Oscar for best actor for an impeccable performance about a black father figure! what I saw, Will Smith! Congratulations!” – Ana Flávia Magalhães Pinto, teacher and activist, activist and teacher. For convenience, she just forgot that whoever was “beaten” was also black.

“It’s fake. Marketing” – Wagner da Conceição Martins, world champion of Slap in the Face. To end the doubts about the sincerity or not of the slap, how about a dispute between Wagner and Will Smith? A lot of people would pay admission to watch this.

“I truly believe that we cannot take away from people the possibility of producing their own food and the more we strengthen an agribusiness-only production system, the less land we will have who already have very little. It’s a very unfair and unbalanced system” – Paola Carosella, former cooking show judge, and, as can be attested by the above sentence, a zucchini production enthusiast. Someone needs to show this lady some graphs about land use and productivity.

“There is a self-built inflation in people’s minds” – Alberto Fernández, president of Argentina, creating the curious concept of identity inflation, of the price that one day is feeling down, but from there it flows and starts to rise, rise, rise. Transinflation is already a reality in Argentina.

“Your president must be arrested and you must withdraw from my class. I don’t teach fascists” – Pietro Nardella-Dellova, super-democratic professor, one of those who probably take to the streets asking for more tolerance. Socrates ) must have done about ten somersaults in the tomb.

“Now they say it’s worth R$ 100 thousand. Great, half of the campaign is already paid” – Lula, ex-convict, about the watch he was wearing in his rare meetings with also rare supporters.

“Whoever lost, lost and whoever won, won” – João Doria, former governor of São Paulo, giving a )Dilma and referring to the disaffected Eduardo Leite. At the time, Doria took the opportunity to explain the pseudo-withdrawal as a candidate for the Presidency – a marketing stunt. Although, coming from Doria, what is not a marketing ploy?

“I want my husband back home” – Bia Doria, former first lady of São Paulo, participating in the farce mounted by her bluffing husband.

“I give up, at this moment, the presidential pre-candidacy” – Sergio Moro, former judge and former minister. Just 20 days ago, on March day, the same Moro assured that he would not give up on the dream. It remains to be seen how Sergio Moro will regain credibility with his potential electorate.

“I am the guardian of its inviolability. Let’s not fall into the trap of tensioning the debate to give a platform to those who seek the spotlight” – Arthur Lira, mayor, lighting a candle to God and another to the devil in the dispute between Daniel Silveira and Alexandre de Moraes.

“What is the requirement of you to flirt with someone. For me, you have to be repulsed by this murderous president” – Felipe Neto, youtuber, preaching the love that is born from shared psychotic antibolsonarism. After this imposture, the influencer restricted your Twitter account.

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