Exploring The Topsy-Turvy World : Who is Shannon Breader dating?

Shannon Beador is a well-known television personality, businesswoman, and socialite who rose to prominence after appearing on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” a reality TV show that covers the lives of rich Orange County, California women. Many of Shannon’s followers are inquisitive about her relationship status, despite the fact that she has always been a prominent member of high society. In this post, we will analyse Shannon Beador’s current relationship status and dating history.

Current Relationship Status


Shannon Beador is currently single. In 2021, she broke her relationship with John Janssen, whom she had dated since 2019 after meeting through shared friends. In July 2021, the pair announced their separation, citing their stressful commitments as the cause.

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Shannon Beador’s Dating History

The dating history of Shannon Beador has been of interest to her fans and followers. Let’s examine her former partnerships more closely:

David Beador


Shannon was formerly married to the renowned businessman and entrepreneur, David Beador. The pair wed in 2000 and have three daughters. Their troubled marriage was frequently the focus of the show, and in 2017 they announced their split. In 2019, their divorce was finalised following a lengthy and public legal struggle.

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Scot Matteson

After her divorce from David, Shannon had a brief relationship with real estate entrepreneur Scot Matteson. The two were spotted at different gatherings together, but their relationship did not appear to proceed further.

John Janssen


Shannon began dating John Janssen, a partner at an insurance company, in 2019. Friends introduced them, and they hit it off immediately. Shannon has discussed her connection with John in public and referred to him as her “rock” in times of difficulty. However, as previously indicated, the couple’s relationship terminated in 2021.

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The personal life of Shannon Beador has been the topic of much conjecture among her fans and followers. This article examined Shannon Beador’s prior romances, personal challenges, and thriving business endeavours. Shannon is resilient and hopeful about the future despite confronting difficulties such as weight gain, divorce, and heartache. Shannon’s tale serves as a reminder that with a good attitude, even the most difficult difficulties can be overcome.

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