Who is Millie Bobby Brown Dating? The Latest Buzz and Juicy Details!

British-born Millie Bobby Brown is an actress and producer. She gained fame as the character Eleven in the science fiction Netflix series Stranger Things (2016–present), for which she received nominations for two Primetime Emmy Awards. In the 2019 films Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong, Brown portrayed a monster (2021).

Also, she served as both producer and lead actress in the Netflix mystery films Enola Holmes 2020 and 2022. In 2018, Brown was chosen to represent UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador, making history as the organization’s youngest Goodwill Ambassador. In the Time 100 list that same year, Brown was ranked among the top 100 people in the world.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown Dating?

Actress Millie Bobby Brown from “Stranger Things” announced it on social media. Actress Millie Bobby Brown announced her engagement to her fiance, Jake Bongiovi, in a statement.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown Dating

First love rumours about the two began when the son of Jon Bon Jovi posted a selfie with the “Stranger Things” actress on his Instagram account in June 2021. When seated in the backseat of a car, he pursed his lips for the camera, which then caught them. They fueled the fire when he added the hashtag “bff 3” to the image.

The following day, Brown uploaded a photo to her Instagram account of herself and Bongiovi from their weekend getaway. As they continued to post content to their own social media pages starring one another, this unleashed a torrent of information, even if they did not reveal the status of their relationship at the time.

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Eye-G official

When they made their Instagram account official in November 2021, they formally acknowledged that they were romantically linked and more than simply pals.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown Dating

Brown shared a kissing and PDA-filled Instagram photo with Bonviovi.

He could be seen giving her a big kiss on the cheek in the picture as they rode the London Eye together.

Holiday in love

The couple was together during the holidays and seemed to be serious about their relationship. Brown and Bongiovi posed for a sweet photo in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree during their vacation to New York City in December 2021.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown Dating

“Merry Christmas,” he said beside the photo of the pair sporting coronavirus masks. Also, it appeared that they had a Christmas celebration. Brown and Bongiovi posed for a photo in front of a tree on Christmas Day while wearing identical pyjamas, which they posted. She captioned the shot, “Merry Christmas.”

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Birthday Barbies

When his sweetheart turned 18 in February 2022, Bongiovi was immediately there by her side. The two wore Barbie and Ken outfits for the celebration, and their hair was bleach blond.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown Dating

Hi, Ken. As Brown and Bongiovi were wearing their costumes, they posted a photo of themselves to Instagram with a message.

Couple ‘Things’

The couple continued to make two public appearances together. Brown and Bongiovi shared a red carpet moment at the “Stranger Things” Season 4 New York City premiere in May 2022. They synchronised their outfits once more, donning black and white for the important event.

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Who is Millie Bobby Brown Dating

Brown and Bongiovi declared their engagement on Instagram in April 2023. The Emmy nominee drew attention to her sparkler in a beach photo in black and white and wrote, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all. In a message of his own, the future groom referred to Brown as his “forever.”

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