Who Is Meagan Good Dating? Revealing the Identity of Her Current Partner!

American actress Meagan Monique Good was born on August 8, 1981. She first won praise for her work in the 1997 movie Eve’s Bayou before landing the role of Nina on the Nickelodeon sitcom Cousin Skeeter (1998-2001). Good earned more prominence after participating in the films Deliver Us from Eva (2003), Roll Bounce (2005), and Stomp the Yard (2007).

In 2012, Good was a part of the ensemble cast of the movie Think Like a Man. The following year, she portrayed Joanna Locasto, the lead character on the NBC drama series Deception, and acted in the comedy Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. In addition, Good has made appearances in supporting parts in the films Shazam! (2019), based on DC Comics, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023), where she reprises her Darla Dudley character.

Who Is Meagan Good Dating?

Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors are dating. The actor, 33, who is currently accused of assaulting the actress, 41, and they are dating. TMZ was the source of the initial news item. According to a witness who talked with the site, the duo went to the Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles last weekend to see a movie.


Jonathan Majors, however, has a history of hostility. He was previously accused of many counts of assault and abuse during a dispute with his claimed ex-girlfriend, whom he was supposed to have smacked. Majors claims the accusations are unfounded, and he is presently awaiting the resolution of his legal action.

Before divorcing in 2022, Meagan Good was married to film director DeVon Franklin for more than ten years. The two made a joint statement in which they thanked each other for their time together and talked about their choice to split ways even though they will always be connected. They never had any kids together.

Rumors abound in the realm of the famous. Kim Kardashian is said to be dating a famous athlete, while Tom Cruise is rumoured to be interested in dating Shakira. Recent events have also brought attention to Serena Williams’ stepmother, who has racked up a debt of $600,000 as a result of flaunting her luxurious lifestyle.

Who Is Jonathan Majors?

Jonathan Michael Majors, an American actor, was born on September 7, 1989. After receiving a Master of Fine Arts in acting from Yale University and appearing in the 2019 independent movie The Last Black Man in San Francisco, Majors became well-known. As a result of his involvement in the HBO television series Lovecraft County, for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination, he gained further notoriety in 2020.


Since then, Majors has taken on a variety of roles, including boxer in the sports film Creed III and Nat Love in the western The Harder They Fall (2021). He has also portrayed Jesse L. Brown in the war film Devotion (2022). Since 2021, he has played Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Meagan Good Split Up

Meagan Good recently spoke candidly in an exclusive interview with several media outlets about her nine-year divorce from DeVon Franklin. She admitted to her husband that she was upset to find out that it was he who wanted to end their relationship. She remarked on how difficult it was for her to accept that her marriage was over, despite the fact that she had tried everything to make it work.


Good maintained that she and Franklin had not harmed one another, and she continued to praise Franklin as a wonderful and lovely person. Some followers questioned the validity of their 2017 book, “The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Discovering the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love,” after the news of their split. Excellent thought about how she might approach love going forward.

She said the idea of celibacy was difficult for her and made her question her beliefs. She added that the divorce had been particularly painful for her since she had always wanted to make her marriage work and didn’t want to end up like her parents, who separated after ten years of marriage. She has, however, learned to value the time she spent with Franklin and has accepted the end of her marriage. She now wants to start a new chapter in her life and is excited to meet new people.

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