Who Is‘Bling Empire’ Stare Dorothy Wang Dating?

Who Is ‘Bling Empire’ Stare Dorothy Wang Dating: Viewers of Bling Empire for a long time are familiar with Dorothy Wang. After disclosing his identity to the nefarious queen Kane Lim in the original series, the beauty won our hearts.

Fans also like her for being a successful entrepreneur with a friendly demeanour and impeccable style. After all, the cast members’ love lives are both humorous and chaotic. Fans are interested in knowing if Dorothy is dating someone now that she has relocated to New York City for the spinoff.

Who are Dorothy Wang’s parents?

Dorothy Wang is the daughter of 73-year-old self-made billionaire and former CEO of the Golden Eagle International Group, Roger Wang. According to Netflix, Dorothy’s Chinese-born mother and father relocated to the US for graduate school from Taiwan.

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Roger Wang, Dorothy’s father, soon established a prosperous real estate company and taught in Dorothy and her sister the value of perseverance, strong family ties, and community service. Roger, who has a current net worth of $3.5 billion, was ranked as the 835th richest person in the world on the Forbes billionaires list in 2022.

Who Is‘Bling Empire’ Stare Dorothy Wang Dating

What is Dorothy Wang’s net worth?

Dorothy is estimated to be worth $10 million and is connected to affluent people, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She even admitted to E! at one point that Nicky and Paris Hilton adopted her while they were both in their early twenties. They’ve always treated me so nicely, she remarked. “I’ve learned how to party from them. We essentially attended party school.”

Who is Dorothy Wang’s family?

That Dorothy Wang hails from a wealthy family shouldn’t be a surprise. Roger Wang, her father, is a self-made millionaire with an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion, according to Forbes (opens in new tab). He established the Golden Eagle International Group in the 1990s, a business that focused mostly on real estate development and automobile maintenance.

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The Golden Eagle Retail Group, which runs department stores selling high-end cosmetics, jewellery, shoes, clothing, and home products, was subsequently acquired by him as he continued to grow his empire. Vivine Wang, Dorothy’s mother, has spent a large amount of time helping her husband Roger launch his enterprises while also engaging in charitable activities. The singer has a sister named Janice who is also employed by the family business.

Dorothy Wang Has Previously Dated a Few Notable Men

Despite being the only glamazon in the Bling Empire, Dorothy has dated a few well-known individuals. In 2022, Sam Saddam, a clothing designer, was meant to be Dorothy’s boyfriend, according to Netflix’s Fansided. However, it’s safe to assume that Dorothy and Sam are dating given that Dorothy spent time with Ari during the first season of the spinoff.

Who Is‘Bling Empire’ Stare Dorothy Wang Dating

In 2018, Dorothy and singer John Mayer were said to be dating. In 2018, Dorothy and the singer of “Daughters” were seen spending time together to commemorate Dorothy’s birthday, which she also shares with the singer. In 2015, Dorothy was connected to the artist French Montana. She, however, categorically refuted the rumours.

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