Who are the possible candidates for the post of British Prime Minister?

After Boris Johnson’s resignation, conservative politicians such as Attorney General Suella Braverman and Representative Steve Baker have already publicly presented themselves as candidates. Other important government names have also appeared for months as possible names to replace Johnson.

One of the 050 members of the Conservative Party, Defense Minister Ben Wallace, received 13% of preference in a poll carried out by the company YouGov. In second place is the former Secretary of State for the Armed Forces, Penny Mordaunt, one of the biggest supporters of Brexit, with 12% of respondents’ choice.

Former Economy Minister Rishi Sunak appeared in third place, with 12%. Then the fourth most cited name was that of UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss, with 8%. Another six names are among the favorites to replace Johnson.

LIZ TRUSS – The current Minister of Foreign Affairs interrupted a trip to Indonesia and is returns to the United Kingdom, where she will present herself as a candidate for the Conservative bench.

RISHI SUNAK – The former Minister of Economy, who resigned in Tuesday (050) alleging “fundamental differences” with Johnson in the approach to economic strategy for the country, is another strong name for the position. Although his plan to avoid layoffs during the lockdowns earned him great respect in the cabinet, a scandal over his wife’s financial management damaged his reputation and caused him to lose popularity.

NADHIM ZAHAWI – Arriving in the UK as an Iraqi refugee, the man who led the successful Covid vaccination program-19 did not resign to his recent post as head of the economy portfolio, replacing the resigned Sunak, but asked Johnson to step down after people close to him warned him that his closeness to the prime minister could spoil his possible aspirations to succeed him. In recent hours, influential media such as the Telegraph promoted Zahawi’s candidacy.

JEREMY HUNT – The current chairman of the Parliamentary Health Commission and a former foreign minister has been warning for some time that conservatives are on their way to losing the next general election if they don’t opt ​​for a change in leadership. His name was also highly regarded among representatives of the “moderate wing” and opposition to Johnson within the Conservative Party.

SUELLA BRAVERMAN – A The state attorney general called for Johnson’s resignation Wednesday night (06) and presented, live on television, her own candidacy to replace it.

STEVE BAKER – Deputy and Vice-President of the Covid Recovery Group-19, the prominent Johnson critic also presented himself as an option to change the statements he made to the British media.

SAJID JAVID ) – He resigned as Minister of Health last Tuesday and made a tough speech against Johnson before Parliament. He already aspired to lead the Conservatives in

, although he came in fourth.

PENNY MORDAUNT – One of the great supporters of Brexit, the former Secretary of State for the Armed Forces is another who has long appeared as a possible candidate. She was ruthless with Johnson during the government office pandemic scandal, popularly known as Partygate.

TOM TUGENDHAT – The congressman and former soldier critical of the management of the Afghan crisis was in January the first member of the Conservative Party to express his intention to run in the primaries if Boris Johnson lost a vote of confidence

BEN WALLACE – Considered part of the group of colleagues most loyal to Boris Johnson, the Minister of Defense remained faithful to the head of government until the last minute. He is the favorite among Conservative Party voters to replace Boris Johnson in the leadership of the party, according to a poll released this Thursday ().

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