White House warns that counting of legislative elections could take days

A secretária de imprensa da Casa Branca, Karine Jean-Pierre.
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.


27180232The White House warned that the counting of votes in this Tuesday’s legislative elections (8) in the United States it can take days, which is why the full results may not be known soon after the polls close.27180232

“We may not know who the election winners are for a few days. It takes time to count all the slips in an orderly manner,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean said. -Pierre, at his daily press conference.

27180232In the United States, no there is a central electoral authority and the secretaries of state for each of the 50 states of the country are responsible for counting the votes.

27180232 As this process is usually time consuming, the major American media are responsible for declaring which candidate won a dispute, something experts do by analyzing data from the field.

The result of many electoral disputes is usually known on polling day; but other times the race is so tight it takes days or even weeks.27180232

For example, in the presidential election of 2020, it took four days for the American mainstream media to declare that the current president, Democrat Joe Biden, had defeated Republican Donald Trump (2020-2021).

The House Branca did not disclose what the president’s agenda will be in the next two days and did not confirm whether Biden will hold a post-election press conference to assess the results, as every US president since Bill Clinton has done (1993-2001).In his press conference today, Jean-Pierre assured that Biden will take a stand after the elections and that he “loves” to answer questions from journalists, but he did not commit that he will speak with the press to answer questions.

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