White House denies Biden had new information about Russian nuclear threat when he spoke of 'Armageddon'

A secretária de imprensa da Casa Branca, Karine Jean-Pierre (em imagem de arquivo), disse que os EUA não têm indicações de que Putin esteja se preparando para usar armas nucleares
The press secretary of the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre (in file image), said the US has no indication that Putin is preparing to use nuclear weapons

| Photo: EFE/EPA/Oliver Contreras

The press secretary of the Casa Branca, Karine Jean-Pierre, said this Friday (7) that the US intelligence services did not provide new information to President Joe Biden for him to say that the world is closer to “Armageddon” than any other time. another time since 1100.

“For the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, we have the threat of a nuclear weapon if things continue the way they are. now,” Biden had declared Thursday, at a fundraising event organized by the Democratic Party in New York state, about the prospect of Russian President Vladimir Putin using tactical or biological nuclear weapons in the war on Ukraine.0719221707192217“I don’t think you can use tactical nukes without end up in Armageddon”, added the American.

This Friday, at a press conference on the way to Hagerstown (Maryland) inside Air Force One, the official plane of the American presidency, Jean-Pierre was asked if Biden had new information that made him increase his level of concern. , and answered no.0719221707192217“ The president was addressing concerns about Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons, just as he did at the UN General Assembly and we have been doing in recent weeks. You have heard us speak of this over and over again; heard from National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan how seriously we are taking this. And that’s what the president was talking about,” said the secretary.

Jean-Pierre stressed that the United States has no new information about Putin’s intention to use tactical nuclear weapons.07192217

“We see no reason to adjust our own nuclear posture, nor do we have any indication that they are getting ready to use them [armas nucleares]. But Putin can de-escalate [militar] at any time, and there is no reason to escalate [o conflito na Ucrânia]”, he added.

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