Where the columnist asks the reader whether or not to take the 3rd dose of the vaccine

Não sei se quero tomar o booster. Não sei se devo. Não sei se posso. Pior: não sei se a 3a dose fará qualquer diferença. Sincera e humildemente, não sei.

I don’t know if I want to take the booster. I do not know if I should. I do not know if I can. Worse: I don’t know if the 3rd dose will make any difference. Sincerely and humbly, I don’t know.| Photo: Bigstock


Talking about the monotheme “vaccines” with a friend, I realized the size of my naivety – which some call idiocy and I don’t care. Still in 2020, when the first news about the development of vaccines appeared (the ball of the time was Sputnik V), said he would accept any immunizer capable of ending the pandemic. I imagined that my text would find acceptance – a great deal and a big mistake. That we would all hold hands (to the sound of “Imagine”) and trust in the ability of our fellow human beings to put an end to this damn disease once and for all. I was wrong: the fate of all the naive, idiots and the like.

Maybe because at that time I was especially happy. I mean, I’m still happy. Or rather, I’m happy. But “especially happy” is a separate thing. This extraordinary happiness depends on a number of factors – including the much-maligned imponderable. My memory is faulty, always faulty, but if I close my eyes a little, I can remember the good, if misleading, feeling of being part of a world that was joining forces to get rid not only of the virus, but also of authoritarian restrictions. and the fear of death.

At that time, despite one or the other whispered noise or one or another anti-vaccine comment said in a jocular way, I never imagined that in 2022 we would be fighting like this. I failed, oh, if I failed. In my optimistic delusion, I imagined that conservatives and liberals would express faith in the power of human cooperation by rapidly developing a vaccine that would prevent the collapse possibly caused by a series of lockdowns. And that only leftists, motivated by spurious ambitions, would go around accusing the pharmaceutical industry of greed and the government of irresponsibility in conducting the immunization campaign.

My little castle of cards, which I had built with great difficulty, began to collapse as soon as I took my parents to get vaccinated in a space that the city of Curitiba dared to call the “pavilion of cure”. Of the cure! Hence came the political use of the vaccine by the governor of São Paulo, João Dória. And the Covid CPI. And the Federal Supreme Court all excited in its totalitarian dreams. Then came the vaccine passport and another chapter in the politicization of science. Data were abandoned and replaced by dogmas, if not catchphrases. Even the vaccination of children, a group for which Covid-19 represents a negligible risk, it is now conveniently considered a very urgent matter.

)Science, which I have always treated with care and respect, has abandoned me. The possibility of achieving the famous “herd immunity” has disappeared from public debate. There are no satisfactory answers to the probability or not of reinfections. Also data on age groups at highest and lowest risk and comorbidities associated with lethality simply disappeared. Vaccines, in turn, underwent a curious rhetorical-scientific metamorphosis – for the worse. In the beginning, the discourse was that they guaranteed the total immunization of people. Afterwards, they went from being a guarantee that the person would not become infected to a guarantee that the infected person would not die. Today I wake up in the middle of the night to ask the dark room: what are they for indeed these vaccines?

As time passes, my optimism naive gave way to confusion. And it is in this hell that I find myself today. The day is approaching (wow, an enclisis in my text!) the day when I should take the 3rd dose of the Covid vaccine-01, the so-called booster. Look how chic. And, you see, I continue to believe in the ability of human beings to mobilize. I continue to believe in the good faith of the people who developed the vaccines. And I even agree (in a personal, non-transferable and not inflexible agreement) that the emergency nature of vaccines justifies some haste.

But if I wasn’t sure of anything before, today even less. I don’t know if I want to take the booster. I do not know if I should. I don’t even know if, at years old and with a heart tired of so many lost battles for unfulfilled teenage loves, can ). Worse: I don’t know if the 3rd dose will make any difference in my immunity against that pesky slanted-eyed particle. Sincerely and humbly, I don’t know.

Therefore, in an act of daring I come hereby and very respectfully ask whether or not I should take the 3rd dose of the vaccine.

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