What’s the best beer can design of the year? Choose your favorite – Full glass

Yes, it is true that anyone who only sees a pretty label does not see the flavor. But in front of a gondola full of beers, who has never chosen the one they would bring home just for the best design?

Breweries are therefore investing more and more in characteristic concepts and identities to win the shelf war. And, keeping an eye on her, Abracerva (Brazilian Association of Craft Breweries) and Abralatas (Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Aluminum Cans) came together to promote the 1st Design Award of the Can.

At the end of the first stage, which had 172 entries, a jury selected 15 cans. In the second stage, in addition to the jury, there is a popular vote. Uhu.

It should be noted that designer Alexandre Nani is behind seven of the 15 finalists. Among the breweries, the nominations champion is Dádiva, from São Paulo, with three (Heartbeat, Brain Waves and Sourdade); UX Brew, of São Paulo, Diefen, of Rio Grande do Sul, and Nauta, a brand launched a few months ago by Carrefour, each have two named labels.

The popular vote runs until December 13. To vote, click here.

On the 14th, the champion label will be published by the public and the jury. The winners win… (let the drums beat…) a diploma !!!

Check some of the labels shown below.

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