What will you do if Lula (knock, knock, knock) wins the elections?

| Ricardo Stuckert/Instituto Lula

The coveted and feared presidential sash that Lula wore for 8 years. It got what it did.| Photo: Ricardo Stuckert / Instituto Lula

It’s getting harder and harder to believe in research every day. Even the reasonably sensible argument that “research doesn’t predict; they are a portrait of the moment” sounds reasonably unreasonable when you see that the leader in the charts doesn’t go out on the streets and gathers only a few cats paid by unions in the Labor Day celebrations.

Still, the possibility of our countrymen electing an ex-convict hangs over the country as a red threat. And it causes chills in those who anticipate the repetition of serial scandals, as well as the resurgence of identity fundamentalism. Not to mention the economic disaster. I have already said here that Lula running for a third term is good news, because we have the opportunity to show that, despite our many flaws, we are still a society that values ​​honesty. But those who have eyes to read and ears to hear the nonsense that Lula has been saying are also afraid.

The extent of this fear varies from person to person. There are those who fear not only corruption and the economic crisis resulting from the unicampist stupidity that guides the PT, but also persecution and ostracism. There are those who go further and fear the construction of concentration camps in the Amazon, if not bullets in the back of the head and mass graves. And it is this fear, to a greater or lesser degree, that is at the root of the political belligerence that takes over any small pub conversation nowadays.

Am I afraid? (Thanks for asking). Not a lot. I mean, I try to keep what I have left of my sanity. Also, I see myself as a common man and politically insignificant. As such, I am powerless in the face of big decisions. If the worst nightmares come true, starting with the election of the ex-convict, I will only have to react to them in the best possible way. Stopping the march of history is the mission of saints or lunatics – and I am neither one nor the other.

Excuse me

But I ask permission to return to the question in the title: what will you do if Lula (knock, knock, knock) wins the elections? Some people swear they’re leaving the country. Others promise to resist and take to the streets. And I believe that most of those who read me will probably use social media to express all their indignation with some very hairy cursing. In the case of a Lula victory (knock, knock, knock), there is no the slightest possibility that the result is not contested.

And yet, I wouldn’t bet my meager savings on any kind of social upheaval, coup, insurgency, civil war or the like. More likely, the good, hardworking, tax-paying, God-fearing man will complain and use a whole dictionary of naughty terms to express his indignation. But, because he knows he is powerless and because he needs to put food on the table, he will sleep the sleep of the righteous and, the next morning, he will take the bus to work with the same spirit as someone who, the day before, went to the stadium to see the team. lose by the score of 7×1.

For my part, if the disaster confirm I imagine he’s going to be grumpy for a few days. Or months. Or four years. But I won’t mess up – even because I don’t have hair. From a safe distance, I will follow the unfolding of history, always attentive to the possibilities of transforming political chaos into reflection and, with luck, chronicle. And even next to the executioner I will try to maintain some optimism. Despite all the suffering, perhaps a third and resounding failure of the left is what is needed to finally learn not to fall for the serpent’s lip.

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