What Kirchner's Attacker Said In Argentinian Television Appearances


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Fernando participou de uma enquete ao vivo na rua feita pelo canal argentino Crónica TV menos de um mês atrás.

Fernando participated in a live poll carried out by the Argentine channel Crónica TV less than a month ago.| Photo: TV Chronic Reproduction

Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel, who tried to shoot Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner , this Thursday (1), participated in a live poll carried out on the street by the Argentine channel Crónica TV less than a month ago. He and his girlfriend commented on the country’s social plans.

“My girlfriend also had social plans, she stopped having them because the truth is that it is not possible to get the same money as other people”, said Fernando, while his companion sold Cotton Candy.

When the journalist asked if she received assistance from social plans, she replied “Yes, before, but I prefer to go out to work”. Then she said that social plans feed “loitering”.

In the same interview, Fernando’s girlfriend said that working three days received more than having the whole month of State aid.

In a second participation in this television channel, Montiel was leaving the cinema with his girlfriend, when he commented on the political situation in the country. He criticized the rapid changes in government portfolios on the day that Sergio Massa became “superminister” of the economy. Fernando also took the opportunity to say that, in addition to being against Massa, he was against Cristina Kirchner.

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