What is Jon Peters’s Net Worth and Income & Salary?

What is Jon Peters’s Net Worth: On June 2, 1945, Jon Peters was born in Van Nuys, California. His mother’s family had a shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills where he first learnt how to style women’s hair. Jon was the most well-liked hairstylist in LA throughout the 1970s.

He cut the hair of numerous renowned people and commanded a high fee for each style. He created the wig that Barbra Streisand wore in the 1974 film “For Pete’s Sake.” Jon and Barbra quickly dated. He was wed to singer Lesley Ann Warren at the time.

What is Jon Peters’s Networth?

Jon Peters’ estimated net worth as of 2023 is $300 Million (As per our latest research). He used his career to build a multimillion dollar business. Born on June 2, 1945, Jon Peters is a well-known hairdresser and film producer. Jon Peters’ career has brought in a respectable sum of money.

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More about Jon Peter

With Barbra Streisand, Jon made the film “A Star Is Born” in 1976. Despite having a $6 million budget, the movie brought in more than $100 million at the box office. It received four Oscar nominations. Peters continued to produce successful singles for albums by Streisand that won accolades. In 1980, Polygram Productions was founded by Jon and another producer, Peter Guber.

Despite the fact that producer Neil Bogart passed away in 1982, the business changed its name to Boardwalk Productions when he joined. Guber and Peters collaborated on the films “Caddyshack,” “An American Werewolf in London,” “Flashdance,” and “The Color Purple.” Due to their popularity, they were able to negotiate a deal with Warner Brothers, one of the top film production companies at the time.

What is Jon Peters’s Net Worth

The film “Batman,” which was released in 1989 and earned more than $400 million worldwide on a $35 million budget, was Jon and Peter’s most lucrative venture for Warners. Guber and Peters initially accepted a multi-million dollar contract offer from Warner Brothers as a result of their tremendous success.

Soon after they agreed to the contract, Sony came knocking and paid $50 million to acquire Guber-Peters Entertainment. The two would take on the role of Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures in return. They still had a contract with Warner Brothers, which was the main issue.

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Warner sought $1 billion in damages when it filed a lawsuit against the trio and Sony for contract violations. In the end, Sony decided to pay Warner Brothers $500 million to dissolve their contracts. Jon Peters and Peter Guber thus shared the chairmanship of Sony Pictures. They had no idea how to manage a sizable studio.

Jon Peters Height and Weight


If you are a member of the audience who has been looking up Jon Peters’ height from a variety of sources, you have come to the right place. With the assistance of Our most recent study indicates that Jon Peters is 174 cm tall.

What is Jon Peters’s Net Worth


If you are a member of the audience who has been searching for information regarding Jon Peters’ weight across a variety of sources, you have come to the right place. Our most recent research indicates that Jon Peters weighs up to 90 kg.

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