What Catholic Traditionalists Think: A Conversation Without Prejudice


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If you have an aunt, grandmother or a slightly older relative who is Catholic and who was born before 80, it is possible that this person remembers watching to the Latin Mass, with the priest facing the altar and his back to the audience. The Tridentine Mass was replaced by the New Mass, as we know, after the Second Vatican Council, a series of conferences that took place in the Vatican between 1962 and 1965 and marked a major transformation in the Catholic Church.

However, as in almost every major change, not all bishops, priests and faithful liked the results of these reforms, which are not restricted to the Mass. And for some time now, it seems that the number of people attracted to the so-called traditionalism is increasing, although, recently, Pope Francis has added some restrictions to the performance of the ancient rite. Almost whenever you hear about traditionalists in the media, they are associated with religious fundamentalism. And today’s Ideas podcast will try to address the subject without all that rancidity. After all, what do Catholic traditionalists think? Today’s guest is Victor Gama, who is a historian and doctoral student in Sciences of Religion at PUC de Minas.

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