“We strongly repudiate any manifestation of racism…”: the phrases of the week

“We strongly repudiate any manifestation of racism or conduct that could harm any person or social group” – Monark, the bicycle brand, and not the former presenter of Flow. Everyone wanting their second of relevance surfing the lynch hysteria of the last few days. In the same statement, Monark says that the former presenter used the nickname without authorization from the company. What a sin!

“I was wrong. The truth is. I was too drunk” – Monark, the former presenter, not the brand of bicycles.

“I want, I encourage whoever is listening to this podcast, if you cross this guy on the street, go for him, hit him” – Thales Martins, journalist, fully encouraging violence against podcaster Monark and, in climate of hysteria and hypocrisy that established itself in the country, creating a kind of meta-Nazism.

“Nazism is abominable and unacceptable under any circumstances” – Sergio Moro

, presidential candidate. But it could well be the official pronouncement of a bicycle brand, no?

“Soviet communism, despite all the crimes, was not racist” – Joel Pinheiro, Brazilian commentator who, despite all the stupidities , is not (cannot be!) so ignorant.

“In the next few days, something will happen that will save Brazil” – Jair Bolsonaro, president, dropping a random phrase to leave everyone in dusty. Nostradamus, however, said that it is not for anyone to get excited and that it is all fake news. He predicts a great chance that the minister Alexandre de Moraes will have the prophecy investigated.

“My idea is that the citizen who buys the book sit with friends, with relatives, take a Sunday, a day calmly, and start reading the book in the presence of these people, for these people” – Walter Barretto Jr, architect and businessman who compiled thousands of sentences by Bolsonaro about the pandemic. What kind of person takes a calm Sunday and gathers his friends to discuss the president’s phrases?

“I’m ashamed, for the first time, to be mayor of Rio de Janeiro” – Eduardo Paes, mayor of Rio de Janeiro. Cariocas, on the other hand, are ashamed of the mayor, the current one and his predecessors, for so long that they are even used to it.

“Her name is Mary Kay. That’s what you told me, at least ” – Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence, interrupting Minister Ricardo Lewandowski during a STF session. As the slogan of a soap opera character said, “mistééééééério…”

“Samba was not born on the hill, this is a legend” – Ruy Castro, journalist. Luckily for Ruy Castro, everyone was busy with the virtual lynching of Monark. Otherwise, this fact could be interpreted as racism by the moralists on duty. There is little care.

“He doesn’t even introduce me like that” – Rosângela Moro, Moro’s wife, complaining about being called “the Moro’s wife.

“I understand why this award changed its name, but I love being a woman and I love being a female artist” – Adele, female and female artist , to the scandal of the BRIT Awards audience, which boasts of being “a genderless award”.

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