We still have to talk about the cocktail shop as we talk about gastronomy, says mixologist – 10/30/2020 – Food

For mixologist Néli Pereira, the rule is simple: if life gives you a lemon, make a caipirinha.

In a conversation with the journalist Folha Marília Miragaia at Ao Vivo em Casa this Friday (30), Néli discusses the cultural dimension of the cocktail – which should gain in importance, as well as the gastronomy – and evokes the Brazilian tradition, rooted in the bar.

“We still have to talk about cocktails as we talk about gastronomy, within the framework of a culture. [A coquetelaria] it’s not just the land of indulgence, it’s more than that, ”he says.

After traveling the country studying the roots, barks and plants of popular flasks, mixtures used for medicinal purposes in the North and Northeast, Néli specializes in Brazilian drink recipes and uses items such as the cataia, the catuaba, the pulluri and even the boldo.

To promote the practice, the mixologist relies not only on the ingredients, but on Brazilian techniques observed in customs such as bottles, ingredients canned in alcoholic bases used for medicinal purposes, typical of the North and North-East.

Néli also says what to have in a bar at home: a white distillate (gin, vodka, cachaça, rum, white tequila), a brown distillate (whiskey, bourbon, aged rum, aged cachaça), vermouth, liqueur and a bitter (like Campari).

And for her, quality is more important than quantity. One of Néli’s more recent work is the concern about binge drinking, which took shape in quarantine. She is betting on raising awareness of a responsible relationship with alcohol, which includes a drinking test, through social networks.


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