We have to institute a condom or HIV test obligation.

Science knows that condoms are an extremely effective measure in the fight against AIDS. That’s why we must create laws that force sex to be done only with a condom.

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According to those very reliable data that Randolfe likes so much Rodrigues and Renan Calheiros, six hundred thousand people died of covid in Brazil. That’s why Brazil and the world have to commit to ending SARS-COV-2. Let’s flatten the curve until it becomes a plane at zero. Everyone has to be forced to take a vaccine in development without complaining when someone dies. Also, we have to wear masks; and if we have managed to escape the vaccine in development, we have to do tests to prove that we are not infected.

As society has learned that we must gladly accept the loss of freedom to end a virus that is unleashed in nature, I humbly come to propose the end of HIV. If we can end something as communicable as covid, why not end AIDS, which is so much more lethal and so much less communicable? AIDS must have killed a lot more around the world than covid. Furthermore, it is a structurally racist virus, as it kills a lot in Africa. Covid, on the other hand, wreaks havoc in rich, carbon-emitting countries and is therefore an ecological anti-imperialist virus.

Let’s end HIV in the world!

Sex, only with a condom

Science knows that condoms are an extremely effective measure in the fight against AIDS. That’s why we must create laws that force sex to be done only with a condom.

Some objections will be raised. Therefore, I leave here a FAQ section, which is the acronym for “frequently asked questions” in English.

1. Should married people be required to use a condom?

Yea. In this cisnormative heteropatriarchal society, cis men are daily dedicated to oppressing women. That’s why married men have sex with prostitutes – or even prostitutes – and pass HIV to their wives. Denialists will say that, of the total number of wives in the world, only a small percentage get AIDS from their husbands, so this tiny exception does not justify such an invasion of private life. Now this is a contempt for human life. No woman should be left behind!

two. What should couples who want to have children do?

It is not recommended to increase carbon emissions, something that occurs as soon as a child comes into the world who is not abandoned to die. Thus, the measure of compulsory demand for condoms in sexual relations contributes to saving the planet. On the other hand, it’s clear that good, educated people like Bill Gates can gift the world with their offspring. There is controversy regarding the hygiene of primitive and unscientific methods of human procreation, since individuals with bad genes are produced. However, as Science has not yet decided whether human procreation by primitive means should be extinguished, nor does it have the capacity to guarantee assisted reproduction for all carriers of good genes (we are contacting Tabata Amaral and the Livres team to resolve this) , then sex for reproductive purposes will be exempted from the condom requirement, as long as 8494091280 if you have a negative HIV test.

3. Will lesbians also be subject to scrutiny?

No one remembers the existence of a female condom; and, with the trans issue at the center of the spotlight, lesbians are even more forgotten than female condoms. We can then say that, because of the systematic structural oppression imposed by patriarchy on women, lesbians will be exempt from inspection. As we are not transphobic, trans women will not be discriminated against. If you see a lesbian refusing the advances of a trans woman, pick up the phone and call the police right away. Transphobia cannot go unpunished!

How to enforce this law ?Science has already determined that condoms save lives . Only genociders would be against the mandatory use of condoms. As there are ignorant and bad people in the world, it is necessary to coerce them in the name of the greater good that is life. The sanctity of the home is a pre-AIDS right. It is the State’s duty to ensure that there are public officials trained to investigate the sexual activity of Brazilians.

The Sexual Hygiene Police will be created, with a body of servers trained to carefully examine and inspect the virile member. The public tender will have a vacancy reserve of % for LGBTQUIABO people, as a simple form of historical repair.

A Police will be provided with a database to be implemented. The SUS will have a registry of sexually active men. When a young man starts his sexual activities, he is required by law to notify the Sexual Hygiene Police and hand over his house key. Non-notification will be punished with a fine.

The delivery of the keys will serve for the server to enter people’s homes without warning, at suspicious times of copulation. This will make the citizen very well educated to always wear a condom.

However, if copulations are reduced, the job of inspection becomes easier. As a form of historical reparation, women will have at their side the Primacy of the Word of the Victim (that is, of the woman), a well-established current legal principle, contrary to the retrograde and obscurantist notion of “the presumption of innocence”. Every woman will be able to pick up the phone and report a man who does not use a condom, and our officers will immediately take half of his property and give it to her.

Studies show that condom violence (when men stop using condoms) affects billions of women in Brazil. Our law will make women finally feel free to report this form of violence.

The issue of passive homosexuals is controversial. One ward wants to dissociate AIDS from homosexuality to repair historical injustices, since AIDS, without any support in reality, was associated with this social segment in the years 80. Therefore, it would be necessary to advertise against heterosexuality. Another wing, however, wants to create the Register of Passive Homosexuals and, after careful examination by the excretory body, grant the same right as the Primacy of the Word of the Victim (that is, the passive). Feminists didn’t like it. But, on second thought, the practice of sex is also discouraged among gays, which makes us need a smaller number of public exams. So there is less public spending and it is therefore mandatory for true liberals to defend the measure.

As for those infected with HIV, we will send them (if they do not cut my mesoclisis) to comfortable accommodations where they will end their days with the certainty of not infecting the healthy ones.

The world is really full of good intentions.

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