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The big news of the week is the launch of the e-commerce of Casa Flora, an importer celebrating its 50 years of operation. Now you don’t have to go to the grain area to buy the imported imported products cheaply – plus you can browse your entire portfolio, which has more than two thousand products. The company is also opening a new distribution center in Guarulhos, which will facilitate the flow to the markets of Rio and Belo Horizonte. And in the midst of it all, he still found time to launch a new visual program. Meet!

Fans of the cuisine of chef Fábio Vieira, of the Micaela restaurant (Rua José Maria Lisboa, 228, Jardins), have until December 20 to order the Christmas dinner. There are two starter options, three main courses and a dessert. Highlight for the low-heat roasted lamb shank (R $ 290 – photo), which comes with small roasted potatoes and homemade flour. But there is also the couscous, the chickpea salad with duck confit, the piglet shank and the country lasagna with chicken and sausage. For dessert, paulista tart from Minha Mãe (R $ 120). The dishes serve four people and must be ordered by delivery (11) 3473-6849. Withdrawals must be made before December 23.

We also have a Christmas menu with an Asian touch! Tan Tan, by chef Thiago Bañares, offers two menu options with starters, salads, a roast of your choice, sides and a dessert, for R $ 1,500 for four people. Among the main ones, the options are the Charsiu, a roast pork pallet with spice and honey sauce or Karubi beef brisket, roasted beef brisket with sesame, soy sauce and gochujang. Complete the menus mix of olives, liver pâté, salads, roasted onions, vegetables, rice and a chocolate tart with red fruits. Orders by phone (11) 2373-3587 until the 18th with pickup in Tan Tan (Rua Fradique Coutinho, 153, Pinheiros) on December 23 and 24.

Chef Cesar Yukio, from Hanami Confeitaria, has created special panettone, souvenirs, pies and cakes, such as the traditional Ichigo shortbread (R $ 95.00 – 15cm), which is popular with Japanese families. Among the panettone, the highlight is the stuffed with ganache and yuzu jam and covered with dark chocolate and puff pastry (those crunchy scales). There is also a version filled with matcha ganache covered with matcha chocolate and a chocotone filled with citrus milk candy covered with milk chocolate with crushed cracker. Each weighs 800 grams and costs R $ 129.00. Purchases through the website or by calling (11) 2675-9300 / WhatsApp (11) 93082-2782. The store is located at Rua Demétrio Ribeiro, 785, Tatuapé.

Di Cunto has launched a special edition premium panettone, featuring a curious savory version (pictured) with funghi porcini, grana padano, artisan sausages and pumpkin seeds. In addition to the classic candied fruit, there is also the Italian pear and chocolate panettone and the stuffed with hazelnut cream and chocolate. All weigh 750g and cost R $ 120. Di Cunto has stores in Mooca, Itaim Bibi and Tatuapé, but orders can also be placed by calling (11) 2081-7100 and WhatsApp: (11) 99656-2332.

How not to be enchanted with these mini panettones decorated with Pati Piva? They come with chocolate chips in the dough and decorated with Christmas figurines on top (R $ 75). In addition to the classic versions of fruit and chocolate chips, there is also the Panettone Decorado Luxo Brigadeiro (R $ 185 – 900 g), the stuffed with Nutella, dulce de leche, brigadeiro or pistachio (R $ 165 – 900 g ). Purchases can be made in physical stores, through WhatsApp (11) 98193-8726 and also through the website with free shipping for purchases over R $ 200.

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