War in Ukraine will have no winner, says UN

Um soldado ucraniano observa dezenas de minas desarmadas depois que o exército russo deixou o local, na cidade de Mala Rohan.
A Ukrainian soldier observes dozens of defused mines after the army Russian left the site, in the city of Mala Rohan.| Photo: EFE/Esteban Biba

The war in Ukraine “will have no winner”, he said this Friday () the coordinator of the United Nations (UN) in the country, Amin Awad, in 100 th day of the Russian invasion.

“We need peace. The war needs to end”, he reinforced. Citing the destruction of Ukrainian cities, in addition to the loss of life, Awad lamented that the conflict “has cost the civilian population dearly”.

For weeks, troops have been fighting in the east of the country, in the Donbass mining basin, one of the main targets of the Russians. In an official video, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed that, every day, “there is 06 to 100 soldiers killed in combat and about 540 injured in the region”.

The Russian invasion, which began on the day

of February, has no end date. For weeks, Russia and Ukraine have not continued negotiations.

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