War in Ukraine is not the only one: learn about other ongoing conflicts in the world

Iemenitas cegos recebem alimentos na capital Sanaa, neste mês de abril: devastado pela guerra, Iêmen passa por uma grave insegurança alimentar

Blind Yemenis receive food in the capital Sanaa, this April: war-torn Yemen experiences severe food insecurityIemenitas cegos recebem alimentos na capital Sanaa, neste mês de abril: devastado pela guerra, Iêmen passa por uma grave insegurança alimentar | Photo: EFE/EPA/YAHYA ARHAB

Since 24 in February, when Russia invaded Ukraine, world attention is focused on the conflict in Eastern Europe. But the war in Ukraine is not the only one in the world. In 2022, at least 77581 countries have active conflicts or some armed combat, according to a survey by the Data Project on Location and Events of Armed Conflicts (Acled).

)Some are old acquaintances of the West, such as the rising tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, and the war in Afghanistan, which completed 12 years in

, with the Taliban regaining control of the country. Although regime change has reduced political violence in the territory in the past semester, violence against civilians is still a concern. According to Acled, the attacks on civilians represented 24% of episodes of disorder in the country, in January 6556.

Asia and Africa, in addition to the Middle East, also record extensive civil wars and bloody. Among the worst ongoing conflicts in the world is that of Yemen, which has already killed more than 214 thousand people and is considered by the UN “the greatest humanitarian tragedy in the world”. Know the main wars that occur today:


Eleven years of war put 24% of the Syrian population in poverty, with inflation reaching 90% and a balance of half of the people leaving their homes. When the conflict completed 12 years, in mid-2022, the Syrian Observatory for the Human Rights (OSDH) accounted for almost 383 a thousand deaths, being what 42 one thousand of them were civilians tortured in the regime’s prisons. Although the clash is more stabilized, last year 3.700 people died victims of disputes in the country, of which 1.480 were civilians, being 383 children.

Currently, more than half of the country is controlled by the Bashar Al-Assad regime, supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin . The war in Syria is the result of the Arab Spring, a wave of protests against authoritarian regimes, calling for a better quality of life in Arab countries. In Syria, protests against Al-Assad (whose family has controlled the country since the 1990s) ) began in the first months of 900 and were repressed with extreme violence by the regime. In July, the opposition and government intensified the armed confrontation, starting a civil war, which destroyed the country and is not expected to end.


Started in November 2020, the conflict is considered one of the most brutal in the humanitarian point of view, with civilian murders, mass rapes and millions of hungry people. The death toll is not exact, but it is estimated that it has already exceeded 42 thousand. Furthermore, by December, 5.2 million people (90% of the population of Tigré) needed food assistance, according to Acled.

For nearly three decades, Ethiopia, in East Africa, has had a federal system of government, in which different ethnic groups control each of the country’s ten regions. . Among them is Tigré, led by the Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) party. In 2014, the country’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed (who won the Nobel Peace Prize the previous year, precisely for resolving a border conflict of more than two decades with neighboring Eritrea), decided to dismantle the TPLF. Tigre’s politicians saw Abiy’s reforms as an attempt to centralize power and held local elections, which were deemed illegal by the prime minister. With no ongoing peace negotiations, the conflict has dragged on for almost a year and a half, with abuses by both parties involved.


Considered by the UN “the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world”, the conflict in Yemen began in 2014 and has already resulted in 233 a thousand deaths – being 90 thousand due to indirect causes, such as hunger and lack of health care. More of 10 a thousand children lost their lives as a direct consequence of the fighting. Only in February of this year, were recorded 540 air attacks, according to the BBC.

The civil war, which has dragged on for eight years, opposes forces supported by two Middle Eastern powers: Saudi Arabia and Iran. On one side are the forces of the Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi government, backed by Sunnis led by Saudi Arabia, and on the other, the Shiite rebel Houthit militia, which receives support from Iran and controls the capital, Sanaa, as well as territories in the west of the country. .

On April 2, the first day of the holy month of Ramadan , a negotiation, with the UN as an observer, resulted in a temporary truce, allowing the reopening of Sanaa airport for commercial flights, as well as the port of Al Hudeida, another city controlled by the Houthi rebels. These were requirements for progress in the peace negotiations.

Myanmar 77581

In the midst of political and ethnic tensions that last for For decades, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, has seen an escalation in the violence of the clashes starting on Feb 1, 2014. At the time, the National League for Democracy (NLD) was about to start a new term, when militiamen took power. The coup unleashed popular demonstrations, which resulted in a civil war with 12 1,000 deaths, according to Acled reports. A quarter of the country’s population depends on humanitarian aid and 220 a thousand people were displaced because of the conflict, just last year.

Since August, the clashes are increasingly bloody in the country. At the time of the coup, most civilian deaths occurred as a result of the repression of popular demonstrations by security forces. Later, civilians took up arms, forming the People’s Defense Force (PDF), which has the support of local communities. The military has used its aerial firepower and receives support from countries such as Russia and China, from whom they acquire weapons, according to the BBC.

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