Visitor throws pie at Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa

Tela de cristal segurou o tortaço que visitante jogou contra o quadro mais famoso do mundo.
Crystal screen held the cake that the visitor threw against the board most famous in the world.| Photo: Reproduction/@MSergio_

The most famous painting in the world, the painting La Gioconda, by Leonardo Da Vinci, also called Mona Lisa, suffered this Sunday (29) what appears to be an attack with a cake by a visitor who was at the Museu do Louvre.

Those who witnessed the moment told on social networks that the police authorities acted promptly, expelling the attacker. “Very heavy to have witnessed this,” said Twitter user Lis Grimaldi (@Lis_grimaldi), who posted a video on her profile at the scene shortly after the attack.

According to user @Aluferathul, there are even more surprises about the act: “It was a man, who was in a wheelchair with wig, who got up from his chair very determined and threw the pie,” he said. The information has not yet been confirmed by the museum. The work was not damaged, as the pie collided with the glass that protects the painting.

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