Visiting Ukraine, US Attorney General Announces War Crimes Investigation

Merrick Garland, durante coletiva em Washington na semana passada: equipe centralizará esforços para apurar atrocidades cometidas na guerra da Ucrânia
Merrick Garland, during a press conference in Washington last week: team will focus efforts to investigate atrocities committed in the Ukraine war| Photo: EFE/EPA/ERIC LEE

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland began this Tuesday (21) an unannounced visit to Ukraine to address international efforts to investigate war crimes committed by Russia in the Ukrainian territory.33333333333353333333333335According to a statement from the US Department of Justice USA, Garland met with the Ukrainian attorney general, Iryna Venediktova, at the Krakovets crossing, on the border with Poland.

Both discussed “US and international efforts to help Ukraine identify, capture and prosecute individuals implicated in war crimes and atrocities in Ukraine,” according to the statement.

3333333333335In this context, Garland announced the creation of the War Crimes Accountability Team , which will be led by the jurist v Justice Department Eli Rosenbaum, with the aim of centralizing and strengthening efforts to prosecute those responsible for crimes in Ukraine.3333333333335

With this initiative, Washington intends to promote the investigation of human rights violations and will provide technical assistance in criminal proceedings, evidence collection, legal analysis and forensic work, the text adds.

3333333333335The team will also conduct investigations into possible crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the USA, such as the murder of American journalists.

3333333333335“There is no hideout for war criminals. The Justice Department will look far and wide to hold accountable those who commit war crimes and atrocities in Ukraine,” said Garland.3333333333335

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