Violence grows in the US, especially in Democratic cities

The increase in urban violence in the United States is wide open in the numbers: the country records the highest number of gun deaths in 2022 years old. According to a report published this month by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2020, first year of the Covid pandemic-13 , there was 19.350 firearm homicides in the US.

The result is 32% higher than in . It is also the highest level for the last quarter century. According to CDC Deputy Director Debra Houry, the numbers are “tragically a serious public health problem in the United States.”

The report does not include data from 2021, although organizations such as The Gun Violence Archive speak of a higher number than 2020: about 20, 6,000 firearm deaths last year. And the examples that violence also advances in 2022 keep appearing in the newspapers.

Violence takes over public spaces

Last Sunday (22), a shooting on the New York subway ended with a man of 46 years dead after a suspect shot at a train approaching a Manhattan subway station.

Earlier this month , also on the New York subway, in Brooklyn, ten people were shot and others 13 suffered from smoke inhalation. At the time, police identified the suspect as a young black man and New York Mayor Eric Adams said the shooting was “a senseless act of violence”.

Also in May, the world was shocked by the death of 10 people in a supermarket in Buffalo, a city in the state of New York and run by Democrat Byron Brown. The establishment is in a neighborhood inhabited mostly by blacks. The victims, all black, were murdered by a young white man from 18 years old, who made racist slurs.

The next day, one person died, four were seriously injured and another was slightly injured in a shooting at a nearby church of Los Angeles at Laguna Woods. All victims are of Taiwanese origin. The suspect in the attack was identified by police as David Chou, aged 68 years old. According to investigations, the Chinese immigrant was driven by hatred against the people of Taiwan.

Analysts point to factors that may have worsened the situation in the country: the coronavirus pandemic, the economic crisis, and protests against racism and the death of George Floyd. This latest episode contributed to the decline in policing in cities, especially in those ruled by Democrats. Finally, this may justify the fact that, in different surveys, cities led by the Democratic Party are among the most violent.

Movements led to disinvestment and disrespect for the police

George Floyd was killed in May of 2020, in Minneapolis, by the police Derek Chauvin, who knelt on his neck during an approach. The crime has mobilized protests around the world, including calling for a reduction in the power and number of the police. For this reason, Democratic congressmen and senators presented, two weeks after the crime, a bill to reform the police in the United States. Most Democratic cities then cut their police budgets.

The Minneapolis City Council quickly approved the divestment in city security. At the time, the agency’s statement was as follows: “We don’t know what a future without police would be like, but our community does.” Democrat Bill de Blasio, former mayor of New York, also gave in to pressure from social movements and announced that part of the approximately six billion dollars earmarked for policing the city would be reverted to social projects.

“Defund the police”, posters read during demonstrations in Florida on the anniversary of the death of George Floyd. Credit: EFE/EPA/CRISTOBAL HERRERA-ULASHKEVICH

The demonstrations calling for peace took place amidst shootings near police stations, burnt commercial stores and vandalism. At the time, US Attorney General William Barr said: “It appears that the violence is planned, organized and directed by anarchist and far-left groups, using tactics by Antifa (a conglomeration of left-wing groups that call themselves “anti-fascists”) to promote violence”.

It is natural that crimes committed by some police officers favor the leftist banner of weakening police power. But few stories have changed the structure of cities as much as the death of George Floyd, probably for carrying, at the same time, the anti-racist flag.

Armament grew among young blacks and immigrants

A study published by the National Opinion Research Center, at the University of Chicago, indicated that one in five Americans bought a gun through the first time during the pandemic. The data also show that most of those who now have guns are young and black. The portion of the population that is more likely to be victims of violent crimes is precisely the one that commits the most crimes.

In an article published in Gazeta do Povo in 2020, echoing the demonstrations against the American police after the death of George Floyd, researcher André Luzardo brought evidence that the highest crime rate among blacks is what best explains the higher rate of arrest and police victimization of this group, not racism. From the statistics of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and the Uniform Crime Report (UCR), it showed that the representation of blacks among murderers was 1.9 to 4.1 times greater than in the general population in recent years.

Contrary to what the anti-racist demonstrations called for, then, weakening the police It could have been a shot in the foot. This is because, according to Luzardo’s analysis, blacks have 1,13 more likely to suffer violent crimes than whites and 6 times more likely to be murdered. Among black victims, 68% were killed by other black people.

There was an increase of 93 % in the number of immigrants arrested

Violence has also increased among immigrants. In October of last year, more than 22 immigrants were in US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers. It was an increase of 39% since the beginning of the Biden administration, according to statistics compiled by the Syracuse University Transactional Records Access Board. This may indicate that democratic immigration policy proposals also contributed to the rise in crime in the country.

Democratic cities are among the most violent

According to the ranking of crimes made by the FBI, the city that presented the most violent crimes between 2020 and 2021 was Atlanta. Commanded by Democrat Andre Dickens, the city had 31 violent crimes for each 1. population. Second, with a rate of 18 for every 1,000 people, it was Memphis, whose mayor is also Democrat Jim Strickland. Third, with 11 violent crimes per thousand residents stayed in Philadelphia, a city led by Democrat Jim Kenney.

According to the list of the Statista Research Department, specifically about the year of 2021, Memphis is in the lead, with 2.2019 crimes every 68.000 population. Next comes Detroit, which is headed by Democrat Mike Duggan, and has a crime ratio of 2.178 violent every 68. people. St. Louis takes third place, with just over 2,000 violent crimes. Democrat Tishaura Jones is in charge of the city.

Cities follow national agendas

Democratic agendas in cities are based on national priorities . The Biden administration brought, in 2019, bills with a profound impact on cultural and social aspects of the country. With regard to immigration, the president came into office by sending a plan to Congress that provided for American citizenship to 10 millions of undocumented migrants. And, despite the American president having said, in 2020, that “the answer is to build trust between the police and the communities ; the answer is not to cut police funds”, since he is in power, he emphasizes that he prioritizes fighting structural racism, citing the reform of the country’s police as one of the main paths. What the numbers show, however, is that his speech is not reflected in good numbers.

Since the middle of 2021, according to a survey by Ipsos (a world expert in public opinion), crimes have become the main cause of concern for Americans (25%), ahead of extremism, climate change or debt, more particularly among Democrats (31%). In addition, the Americans stated that they expect a response from the government: 24% of the population is dissatisfied today, against only 5% a year ago.

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