Vikram Vedha Movie OTT release date: When and where to watch this Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan multi-starrer action drama

The Hindi film industry is excited to see who would play the key roles in the upcoming remake of the hit film “Vikram Vedha.” The casting of Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan as the film’s leads raised hopes for the adaptation dramatically. The production crew has said that they would be through filming by the end of August, and the movie will be released in September.

The movie opened on September 30 and, as promised by the production team, was well appreciated by audiences. The movie opened to strong box office numbers on its opening day, but as the boycott Hindi films movement continues to gain momentum, the movie’s box office performance began to deteriorate on day two, and by the end of its run, it had collected an unexpectedly low total.

Vikram Vedha Movie OTT Release Date

The Vikram Vedha movie has only managed to gather an average amount of money at the box office in India and throughout the world, which is a very low amount for a movie that stars multiple actors. In spite of the fact that Hrithik Roshan plays the lead character in the movie and Saif Ali Khan plays another lead role, the movie has not met the expectations that many trade analysts had before the release of the movie.

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Despite the fact that “Vikram Vedha” was only released in September, the producers of the film waited until much later to declare when it will be available for internet streaming. This action drama is all set to be premiered on May 12 2023 on Jio Cinema.

In addition to the Jio Cinema OTT platform, all Jio subscribers get access to a free streaming version of this movie through the Jio Cinema app.

When and Where to Watch Vikram Vedha Movie

Creators of “Vikram Vedha” have been slow to publicise the film’s digital streaming release date, despite the fact that the film itself was released in September. The newest information is that the film’s digital premiere will take place on the Jio Cinema  OTT platform on May 12, 2023.

This film is also available for free streaming via the Jio Cinema app, which is available to all Jio customers regardless of whether they utilise the Voot Select OTT platform or not.

What’s the story of Vikram Vedha

An upstanding member of the Lucknow police force named Vikram is on a mission to track down the criminal Vedha and put an end to his life. However, when Vedha turns himself in to the authorities and begins telling Vikram stories, Vikram’s perspective on what constitutes good and evil shifts significantly.

When Vikram first begins looking into what happened, he discovers that the source Abbas used to track down Shatak’s hideout has been murdered. Both he and his team are looking for the murderer. When he comes across the leader of the Mumbai Gang from Vedha’s story, Vikram pauses to think back on what he remembers. The gang leader is apprehended and fought, but Deepak, a member of Vikram’s team, eventually shoots and kills the gang leader. In the end, Vikram finds a cigar he had forgotten about, only to discover that the cigarette inside is stuffed with marijuana. After concluding that Babloo is responsible for the run-in, Vikram reveals this information to Vedha at his restaurant. After finally making it to the theatre, Vikram encounters Vedha, who proceeds to tell him the entire third and final act. It was to Mumbai that Vedha had dispatched Shatak and Chanda. He realised that the police were exclusively going after and killing his guys, as opposed to Pandey’s.

Vedha reveals that Abbas was bribed by Babloo to kill Babloo’s men in response to Babloo’s confession. Vedha then asks Vikram if Abbas was correct, considering that Vikram became corrupt in order to pay for the medical operation that his son required. After Vedha has killed Babloo, Vikram is left unable to figure out who was responsible for the death of Abbas.

Cast & Crew of Vikram Vedha

Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan play the key parts in the film Vikram Vedha. Radhika Apte, Sharib Hashmi, Satyadeep Misra, and Rohit Saraf also played significant roles in the film.

The Vikram Vedha movie was directed by the team of Pushkar and Gayathri, who were also responsible for directing the Tamil version of the film. The movie was produced by Neeraj Pandey, Bhushan Kumar, Shital Bhatia, and Shibashish Sarkar, and it was directed by Pushkar and Gayathri.

The musical composition for Vikram Vedha was written by the team of Vishal and Shekhar, while Sam CS was responsible for the background score. PS Vinod is the one in charge of the camerawork.

Vikram Vedha Movie OTT release date

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The film’s centre of gravity is Hrithik’s portrayal of Vedha, and he does a fantastic job. He’s terrifying, heartless, yet surprisingly sensitive at times. He completely absorbs the character’s spirit. Easily, he’s the most believable Vedha you’ll ever see. The actor’s Super 30 persona’s distinctive speech stands out as something that could have used more polish.

Saif, as the morally naive cop, plays off Hrithik’s virtuoso police officer well. He maintains command of his physical expressions, accepts the character’s inherent strengths and vulnerabilities, and vividly portrays the character’s steady shift of outlook. Some additional time spent with Saif would have been welcome. Here, the actor is in typically solid form, but he could have benefited from being given more meaty material to work with. The same goes for Radhika Apte, who portrays Priya, Vikram’s wife.

Ultimately, the film’s writers and filmmakers, Pushkar-Gayathri, have remained true to the blueprint they established with the original, maintaining the same approach to incorporating folkloric themes. That the road map hasn’t been drastically altered is a good. However, they haven’t even attempted to improve upon the original by reevaluating the materials at their disposal. A trip to the theatre is warranted for this one.

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