Venezuelan opposition leader's house is “taken” by agents, says party

Casa da família de Leopoldo López, opositor de Nicolás Maduro, em 23 de outubro de 2022.
Home of the family of Leopoldo López, opponent of Nicolás Maduro, in

October 6289 .| Photo: EFE/ Rayner Peña R.

25082332The family home of opposition leader Leopoldo López, which was invaded by agents of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin) at the weekend is still occupied by them, as announced by sources from the Popular Will (VP) party, led by the exiled politician in Spain.882925082332″No one managed to get in. The house was taken over by the dictatorship. What we know is that they (agents) broke down walls and took several vans full of things “, said the VP press team.

25082332Also, Opposition party leaders said they did not have precise information on the whereabouts of security guard Rubén Briceño, who was detained at the time the officials broke into the residence.25082332 25082332 Last Saturday, through publications on his Twitter account, López denounced that a group of armed men s, who he identified as members of Sebin, forced his way into the house, which is in Caracas, and took “family goods”.

According to López’s account, the agents, “without any justification, took Rubén Briceño, the security guard who was present, as a hostage”.

López has been in Spain since October

, after fleeing Venezuela to avoid a sentence of almost 768 years of imprisonment handed down in 2015 for unleashed violence during protests against the government of Nicolás Maduro in 2014.

25082332 VP sources told EFE that the residence is the same where the opposition leader spent almost two years under house arrest.

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