Venezuelan opposition denounces increased repression by the Chavista regime

The Venezuelan opposition party La Causa R denounced this Monday (20) that there is an increase in repression by the government of Nicolás Maduro after the recent arrest of four young people who make up the Popular Will party (VP), led by Leopoldo López, direct from Spain.

“In recent months, four students were arbitrarily detained in Chacao, a group of workers who denounced the violation of their rights with instructions applied by the National Budget Office, ten health sector officials in Trujillo and a cheese producer in Portuguesa,” party secretary general Andrea Tavares said in a statement.

She also highlighted that the last case recorded is that of a man aged 27 years old, who was arrested in Barcelona, ​​capital of the state of Anzoátegui, after posting a complaint on a WhatsApp status.

Andrea Tavares stated that this evidences a “strategy” by the national government to try to “silence and repress those who who denounce injustices in Venezuela.”

In addition, she called on the international community and Venezuelan citizens to remain on the alert in the face of what she described as a new “escalation of institutional violence”.

“The reality we live in on a daily basis has not improved at all, repression, hunger, misery, low wages and the collapse of public services continue. The mirage of normalization is just a communication campaign financed with money from the proceeds of corruption and money laundering”, he added.

A court in Caracas released him on the last day 20 four young members of the VP, detained three days earlier, after participating in an act to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the death of Neomar Lander in anti-Chavista protests in 2017.

Os Opponents denounced that Polichacao (municipal police) officials detained the youths and that they were later handed over to the Special Operations Group (Goes) of the National Bolivarian Police (PNB).

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