Venezuelan opposition announces consultations on presidential primaries

The Venezuelan opposition gathered in the Democratic Unitarian Platform informed this Monday (23) that it will start a consultation process “with all sectors of the country” to determine the formula for carrying out of the primary elections in which it will define the candidate who will face Chavismo in the presidential elections of 2024.

“The Democratic Unitarian Platform informs that it will start a consultation process with all sectors of the country, on the best way to hold the primary elections,” the coalition announced in a press release.

The decision is made public after, on the last day 16 in May, the group announced that it will choose an opposition presidential candidate through the primary elections it plans to hold in 2023.

The start of the consultation was agreed on the first platform meeting, held this Monday morning, in which representatives of various political parties participated.

“In addition to direct contacts with the institutions and personalities, a web page will be activated in the coming days to receive the opinions and recommendations of Venezuelans on the primary process at the national level”, declared the executive secretary of the coalition, Omar Barboza.

He also declared that, at the meeting, the regulation of the platform was approved, with which, according to him, “they will work with clear rules” of operation. Six working committees and a schedule were also created to find out the opinion of citizens about the primaries.

The official explained that the committees created were those of communication, strategy, organization, country plan, alliances and social solidarity and that “will serve to operationalize the Democratic Unitarian Platform in view of the objectives outlined by Venezuelans to rescue freedom and democracy”.

The platform, formed by the bulk of political organizations that oppose the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, has the support of the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by some countries.

Most of these political parties did not participate in the presidential elections of 2018, in which the dictator Maduro was reelected, nor in the parliamentary elections of 2020, in which Chavismo won an overwhelming victory, considering that they were fraudulent processes.

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