Venezuelan gold in England will be kept “away” from dictatorship, says Guaidó

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó said this Saturday that the gold that Venezuela deposited in England “will continue to be protected” in that country so that it is kept “away” from the “dictatorship”, in allusion to the government of dictator Nicolás Maduro.

“Protecting assets, such as gold, which will continue to be safeguarded in England, is fundamental for Venezuela’s future, so that they are kept away from a dictatorship that plundered the nation and used the resources the country to finance corruption and repression”, wrote the former deputy on his Twitter account.

In 29 in July, the London High Court ruled in favor of a parallel board of the Central Bank of Venezuela, appointed by Guaidó in the gold case.

After a four-day trial, which ended in July 18, the judge Sara Cockerill stated that she could not uphold the decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela (TSJ) that annulled Guaidó’s appointments to that board, as there was no the legal basis in the United Kingdom to do so.

Thus, the highest judicial instance in the United Kingdom has established that the London government only recognizes Guaidó, and not Maduro, as the head of state of the Venezuela, and that, therefore, the acts and decisions of the opposition must be considered sovereign, based on the English legal doctrine “one voice”, which obliges the organs of the State to proceed unified in foreign policy.

This decision, welcomed by Guaidó, was described as “unusual” by the Venezuelan government, which asked the British government to “rectify” it and “not continue with this trick of pretending” that the anti-Chavista is president of the country.

The Central Bank of Venezuela, in turn, considered “extremely serious that British foreign policy, which in this case directly muzzled its courts, should cause serious damage to the rights and interests of citizens, institutions and other states.” “.

In view of this scenario, the monetary institution informed that “re serves all legal actions within its power to appeal this unusual and disastrous decision in defense of gold.”

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