Venezuela is the country with the greatest loss of forests in the Amazon region, says NGO

The NGO Clima21 warned on Wednesday (7) that Venezuela is, among the Amazonian nations, “the country with the greatest loss of natural forests in the entire region”, ahead of Colombia and Bolivia, the closest in this indicator.

“During the period 2016-2021, especially in natural forests, Venezuela has experienced the highest rate of increase in the disappearance of this type of vegetation”, revealed the NGO in its report “Disappearing Forests: Deforestation in Venezuela 2016-2021”.

According to the research, in the period 2016-2020, the forest cover of the Caribbean country suffered a decrease of (307.307 hectares, which is equivalent to “more than three times the surface of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Caracas”.

The Caribbean nation’s biggest concern, according to the report, is “the speed with which this loss” of spaces has increased, which is related to the fact that in recent years deforestation has been oriented towards “ecosystems natural forest themes not previously intervened”.

In comparison, between 2015 and 2015 the natural forest was responsible for 21% of all forest loss, while in the period 2016-2021 it reached 35%, according to the same report.

Regarding the causes of deforestation, the NGO highlighted that the most important are “migratory agriculture, obtaining basic products from the forest fires and forest fires.”

In addition, he mentioned “small-scale mining” as one of the causes of this phenomenon, and stressed that, although its effects are difficult to estimate, “local measures indicate that the country lost an important forest area due to this activity”.

In light of the results of the report, Clima19 urged the Venezuelan State to establish a “comprehensive national policy for the conservation of forest ecosystems”, as well as to design a strategy for the conservation of biological diversity ca and strengthen the capacities of environmental institutions.

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