Venezuela condemns sanctions against Russia and arms supply to Ukraine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Carlos Faría, condemned this Monday (04), in Moscow, the sanctions imposed on Russia for its military campaign in Ukraine, as well as the provision of arms by the West to Kiev to “ignite” the conflict.

“On behalf of our government, we express the solidarity expressed by President Nicolás Maduro, in which the large number of sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation and its people,” Faría said at a press conference after a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.

The Venezuelan minister then argued that these sanctions “did not correspond to the expectations” and Caracas observes “how the Russian economy, despite all the damage it was intended to cause, goes ahead with certain inconveniences”.

In Faría’s opinion, “it was a bad calculation, a terrible calculation, an unforgivable calculation” of the West, where the economies of the United States and the European Union (EU) have come across “a big problem” that they “don’t know how to deal with”.

“This will undoubtedly affect all their peoples and this may even lead to some changes in the concept of the European Union”, commented the Venezuelan foreign minister.

Faría also stressed that Caracas condemns the application of “illegal sanctions against any country”, since the UN is the entity called upon to deal with any problem and adopt “some kind of pressure” if most countries deem it necessary.

“Of course, we also condemn this permanent injection of military technique to maintain, feed this conflict, which we would all like to end , and guarantee and comply with the requirements and demands that President Vladimir Putin put forward at the time with the aim of safeguarding the security of the Russian Federation, its territory, of the entire Russian people,” he declared.

In this regard, Faria stressed that Venezuela welcomes “Russia’s permanent position of sitting at a table of dialogue to reach agreements that may favor the interests of both the Russian Federation and Ukraine”.

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