Veeran OTT release date: When and where to watch this fantasy action drama starring Hiphop Tamizha Adhi

Veeran, directed by ARK Saravan, will debut on OTT following its theatrical run. The film earned favorable reviews from critics, who commended its original plot. The story of “Veeran” centers on Kumaran, a 15-year-old boy who is struck by lightning and falls into a momentary coma. After waking up from a coma, he discovers superhuman talents such as the ability to control lightning and minds.

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Veeran OTT Release Date

Veeran is all set to be premiered on 30 June 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.

Veeran, a Tamil fantasy-action movie starring Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, will have its global streaming debut on Prime Video starting on June 30. In addition to Chella, Munishkanth, Vinay Rai, Athira Raj, Kaali Venkat, and Sassi Selvaraj playing significant roles, the film was written and directed by Ark Saravanan and was made by Sathya Jyothi Films.

On June 30, Veeran will be available exclusively on Prime Video in India and in 240 other countries and territories around the world, featuring Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada dubs.

Bollywood has seen a lot of popularity with superhero films, including “Krrish” and “Ra.One.” However, until recently, the South Indian film industry lacked well-known native superheroes. The Malayali audience celebrated “Minnal Murali,” their first local superhero. And now, thanks to the ARK Saravan-directed movie “Veeran,” which stars Hiphop Tamizha Adhi as the superhero, Tamil Nadu residents have their very own superhero.
Veeran might not give an entirely original plot or unusual aspects. However, the movie is still a lot of fun. For his efforts in bringing this enjoyable movie to life, ARK Saravan merits commendation. Aside from the humor, there are other situations that stand out and have a lasting impression, such as the triumphal galloping of “Veeran” in his spectacular introduction. Overall, Veeran shows promise for a sequel and is an excellent source of entertainment.


When and Where to Watch Veeran

You can watch this fantasy action drama on Amazon Prime Video from 30 June 2023.

Director Ark Saravanan commented on the film’s streaming debut, saying, “A family entertainer, Veeran gives Tamil cinema its first superhero from rural Tamil Nadu, making it a first for Kollywood. The movie explores the thin border between superstition and faith while also incorporating aspects of fantasy, action, drama, and comedy, making it a very fascinating and enjoyable viewing for audiences of all ages. When Veeran debuts on Prime Video in India and more than 240 other countries and territories, I will be overjoyed that even more people will be able to view and appreciate the movie.

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Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, an actor and musician, remarked, “As children, we all fantasized of becoming superheroes, and as an actor, I have yearned to portray one. Veeran is the superhero I was always intended to play, and as I read the plot and script and dug deeper into the character, I became even more certain of this. When the movie debuts on Prime Video, I can’t wait for my followers and viewers throughout the world to see and appreciate it.

What’s the story of Veeran

When Kumara (Hiphop Adhi), a native of the village of Veeranur, is struck by lightning as a child, his life hangs in balance. His father takes him to Singapore so he can get better care. After almost 16 years, Kumara goes back to his birthplace, but he has changed. He sets out on a mission to defend his town from a technological menace that could endanger innocent lives since he has superhuman skills.

The lack of cooperation from the Veeranur people has prevented the completion of a dangerous subterranean laser wire that runs for 30 kilometers and affects many villages. The plot of the movie centers on Kumara’s attempts to stop the company from funding this endeavor and protect his people.

Cast & Crew of Veeran

Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi, Vinay Rai, and Athira Raj are the movie’s three main actors, with Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat R. Badree, and Sassi Selvaraj filling out the supporting cast.

Adhi gives a compelling portrayal of the superhero, presenting a character that is approachable, while Athira Raj does a decent job portraying the character he has romantic feelings for. Vinay’s part as the story’s primary adversary, though, may have played a more significant role. Several of the situations are improved by the background score performed by Hiphop Tamizha.

Veeran OTT release date

However, the connection between Munishkanth and Kaali Venkat is what really makes the film stand out. The pair steals the show as they deftly take over the comedic portion of the film. Vinay Rai certainly does a fantastic job portraying the evil scientist, however occasionally it seems as though his bad part was underdeveloped and had little impact on the entire plot.

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The best scenes in the film belong to R Badree. Due to his continued demand as the seductive antagonist in several South Indian languages, the major antagonist Vinay Rai appears to have been added at the last minute. The script for the role was terrible. The comedy reliefs are supposed to be Munishkanth and Kaali Venkat. The character of the hero’s best friend is played by Sassi Selvaraj. As the female lead, Athira Raj is limited to performing the routine tasks.

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